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From Asghar Bukhari's Facebook:

Defending the Prophet (pbuh) can never be done without practising Muslims changing the way they prioritise Islam.
So what could we have done when the Prophet (pbuh) was insulted recently? The answer was simplicity itself. All it would have taken was some planning, time and a community that was ready for any attack.
We needed to simply address the attack in a language the average European understood. Instead of slogans saying ‘Death to those who insult the Prophet PBUH’ playing right into the hands of the propagandists, and easily countered by arguments about freedom of speech.
Our Mosque, ISOC and Muslim Leaders should have been much smarter and cut to the chase, fighting back with an intelligent response that the average non-Muslim could understand. They should have mobilised the community and told them to take this message to every work place and street stall in the country.
The argument was simple ‘This is not freedom of speech, this is hate speech, designed to provoke and demonise, and demonising a people is racism – we the Muslims are opposed to any and all forms of racism and we will not stand by and do nothing to stop it’.
Instantly we would have shifted the debate onto a ground where we were the moral champions fighting against bigots who sought to divide. Our argument is the only thing we have that could defeat them. As Allah says ‘Truth is clear from Falsehood’.
Marches demanding an end to bigotry, racism and Islamophobia could have been used to highlight the racist nature of the attacks on the Prophet PBUH, galvanising much needed support from the wider public.
TV interviews where we condemned racism in all its forms, talks and speeches to non Muslims should have been
organised around Britain.
Instead all we did was march down the road, with a bunch of Muslims, shouting in Arabic, claiming we "love the Prophet more than out parents", and alienating everyone who could have supported us. A typical inward Muslim reaction. Unable to do anything logically because they were always caught off guard.
No planning, no co-ordination, no thinking - because our Islamic education and infrastructure does not value planning for Islamophobia. No sooner did we march, then we went back to our little Islamic circles so that we could be ‘better Muslims’. Our priority was always the minor rituals over the major issues. Islam the reason why we did nothing, instead of the spur to do something.
Those who hate us cannot defeat us, for our arguments are truthful and sound. The fact that the lies of their propaganda are believed by so many has little to do with the power and money of their machinery, and everything to do with the pacified sleeping, unwilling and cowardly state of practising Muslims and those who lead us, who should be the vanguard of defending the Ummah but who instead are too busy focusing on trivial Islamic arguments to see the bigger picture.
When the defence of Islam and the Muslims becomes our last priority, we may as well admit that the people who claim that they are the Prophet’s lovers are the very ones who have abandoned him.
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