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A Letter on Why Trump Makes Sense for Muslims

Dear Bill,
I was reading your article about Trump and thought of emailing you. From the point of view of Trump being anti-establishment and being vilified in such a massive scale by the establishment order (let me liberally used the term NWO here), he does seem to be on my good books. He must be doing something right to get the ire of people we universally detest.
Most certainly he is a better option than Hillary. Despite his anti-Muslim rhetoric, I can easily see why supporting Trump would be the best bet among not the widest choice of bets.
I was however, somewhat saddened by your understanding of regimes such as those of Gaddafi or Assad or Mubarak, who you appear to support. For me, its a bit of a paradox that you, who are such a conscientious human being, would push your weight behind regimes that are committing some of the worst crimes in this planet, on an industrial scale.

If in fact, you oppose the CIA and US foreign policy, how could you in the same breath, support similar state organizations, that do worse to other peoples? Do you really believe that evil terrorists are the only people harmed by such regimes? If not, would it not be better to at the least remain neutral to something beyond your affairs?

If a Native American came across opinions that "these heathens where better of wiped out" it would not be pleasant for them. In the same way, it is not pleasant for a practicing Muslim to see, otherwise conscientious Westerners give opinions supporting tyrant regimes that harm their fellow brothers and sisters every day. And they do far greater evil with our people than what the CIA does to other parts of the world.

I would also like to point out that the modern Syrian regime was in fact originally created by French and Western interests. These people where your interventions, not natural realities of our societies. Furthermore, this same Syrian regime was the go-to regime for the CIA for some of its worst tortures, a "torture outsourcing regime" if you will.
I ask you Bill, if its not possible, in your worldview, and in the world that you hold in your mind, for a place for Muslims who want to practice Islam and live by our laws, however so we wish to live, and not have you supporting people to come kill, rape, torture, pillage, castrate us? I think it would be a better world if you could make that space in your world. Even if you put a nice big Trump Wall between us and you.
Thank you for your time. I would love to hear back from you if you should have the time. And should you have any questions about Islam, I'd be happy to answer it.
Sallam (peace),

M. Hussain
Vision Without Glasses


Anonymous said...

So why is he suitable for Muslims given his anti-Muslim rhetoric, as you yourself acknowledged?

M. Hussain said...

I think he is the better option out of some very bad options.


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