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GMO Failures & Man's Attempt to Play God

Meinhaj Hussain,
I remember when all this genetical modification business first started, people were using it to allude to man being able to play Allah. Yet today even the simplest of such supposed modifications such as GMO food is showing how man cannot play God. How sophisticated and intricately balanced and connected Allah's creation is.
The Quran constantly asks us to investigate nature to find Him. So much so that 1/8th of the Quran refers to nature. So much so that Islam itself is divided into two revelations by scholars - ayatul quraniyah and ayatul quwaniyyah (verses of revealed knowledge such as the Quran, Bible, Torah, etc and verses of apparent knowledge in the natural world).
Long before the West, it was Muslim scientists who were often also scholars of Islam who made great discoveries in nature. The reason they studied nature was not to make a profession for themselves, or to make a name for themselves nor indeed because they were blindly and fatalistically in love with their subjects alone. Rather, it was because Islam and the Quran constantly asks us Muslims to investigate, study, seek for the truth and search for the evidences of our Creator in the world around us.
Those were the real Muslims. The Muslims and specially those who claim a throne upon the religion today are so far from them that it is scarcely believable that they belong to the same faith. Until we return to who we are supposed to be the world will not believe us, for the proof is always sought in the pudding and not the formula. Until we return, these two penny mockers of Allah's creation will continue to claim to play God  with their GMOs, in reality destroying this world because they fail to appreciate the greatness and wisdom of the Creator.
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