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Shiite Infighting in Karbala


KARBALA: Fighting has erupted between a Sadrist splinter group and the Shiite Maliki-led government in Iraq. The Maliki forces asked for Hassani Sarkhi to surrender, in response hos followers have taken over roads and attacked government forces. One Humvie was seen burning. Meanwhile, further South, Iranian aircraft have deployed to attack the Islamic State. It is also being rumored that an airstrike on Sarkhi, possibly by Iranian aircraft has killed him. Sarkhi was known for his anti-Iran stance.

(Picture perportedly shows Sarkhi's compound now being occupied by Maliki soldiers, a dead Sarkhi soldier, a Sarkhi bounty leaflet).

Edit: Maliki forces had put a bounty of $50,000 on Ayatollah Sarkhi's head. He is said to have declared war on the government for allowing the Iranians in. He has also opposed Sistani who was considered as an agent of Iran. 

Aerial assault:

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