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Saladin & Why the Shia are a Problem


Meinhaj Hussain

Sallahudin Ayubi (Saladin), before he marched on Jerusalem and defeated the Crusaders spent 10 years fighting the Shia. How can one understand this, what appears on the surface as blatant sectarianism on the part of a widely celebrated hero of Islam?

The war in Iraq, with the US invasion started with Shiite dissident exiled politicians fabricating evidence of WMDs and nuclear weapons. As soon as Saddam was defeated, Shiite militias, trained and armed by Iran started systematically commiting genocide against Sunni residents. So much so that today, a former sunni-shia mixed city of Baghdad, which had by some acxounts a Sunni majority, harfly has any Sunnis left.

This kind of ganging up and murdering Sunnis has happened in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran. Iran, where not only are Sunnis severly oppressed but legally you cannot convert to Sunni Islam.

Where does this attitude come from? An ordinary Shia seems fine enough, "just like us". Yet the problem is that, that ordinary Shia accepts a blind following of their religious leaders. And in the depth of Shia theology, Sunnis can be treated as nonMuslim, this information directly from an honest Shia who actually studied the theology, directly to me (no third party). The reason most people dont hear about it is that the ordinary Shia either dont know or are using a uniquely Shiite concept "taqiya" - lying to protect their religion.

I am not a Sunni, I have always till recently advocated unity. I have serious issues with contemporary Islamic theology - i believe we (everybody) may be worshipping bearded men of their own flavor than Allah. And Allah knows best. I have supported Hizbollah and Iran before. Now I realize how naive I was, now I realize why Salahuddin Ayubi had to defeat the Shia before he could liberate Palestine.

Speaking the truth and standing for what is just is incumbent upon us, no matter how unpopular that truth is... No matter if none of my posts regarding this gets a "like". The irony is I am defending the Sunnis when according to a Sunni scholar, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad no less, my testimony would not be acceptable in a Sunni Ottoman court because I am a "fasiq" aka deviant. I dislike to the nth Wahabis also. Yet it seems these various Sunnis and self-aggrandizing groups only "pray" and twiddle their thumbs...

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Anonymous said...

may Allah's mercy, blessings and peace be with you always


"Shia" are Muslims who follow the Sunna of the Prophet Allah's peace and blessings upon him. The believers among them are Muslims to Allah Most Exalted Most Generous. "Shia" is a political view, not a religious one. So you and anyone who calls himself "Shia" and believes and worships Allah of the Quran, you both are of the same faith. Just as some "Shia" committed atrocities, as well as non-Shia have committed atrocities, and more flagrant ones as well. You just read your Noble Quran and don't get bothered by what some bearded men say. The book is clear and you should be as clear as the book, without taking things out of context, because Satan may he be cursed, whispers in our intellect on the hour to gets us out, so be careful and read the Qur'an everyday with love and devotion to every word of Allah Most High Most Generous. i would like you to please reflect on the following 2 verses: 4:92 and 93. read them well and understand each part of them in relation to the massacres that has been happening every day for the last 12 years in Iraq, in Masjids, hospitals, souks, neighborhoods, police stations, schools etc... shedding the blood of innocent people haven't stopped for a day, a blood which is the property of Allah Most Exalted Most Powerful, a blood that worshiped Allah Most Exalted Most Generous. i wish you a blessed Ramadan and a fulfilling fasting and Iftars.. may Allah's mercy, guidance and light brighten up your every step towards Him.. but you have to accept to change a little how you see things, otherwise if you insist you will be left astray

Anonymous said...

There are many different kinds of shia.
Many of whom don't know the religion and are just following their parents.
This is true for Muslims in general.

There are shia who prefer Ali r.a. as the first Caliph, while still praising and accepting the other Sahabah as the best Muslims.
Other shia reject the other companions like Abu Bakr r.a., Umar r.a. and Aisha r.a. as Muslims. Saying they stole the Caliphate from Ali r.a. and are kafir. This results in them rejecting the majority of the companions and their hadith, fiqh and teachings. Meaning they reject a huge part of Islam because of this!
Some extremely deviated shia also worship people, graves and say Ali r.a. is god.

So the difference is not "merely political".
And what does politics even mean?
Politics is about the making of laws and enforcing them on the whole society.
Laws are about deciding about right and wrong.
Thus politics is about deciding what is right and wrong for society and enforcing that.
If that is not part of religion than what is?

If you mean by it is just political that Muslims today are ruled by different national leaders. Iran vs Saudi or whatever. And that these national differences create conflict unrelated to Islam. Then you are somewhat correct.

I am not saying all shia must be killed or are not Muslim.
What I am saying is that the differences can go very deep, and rejecting the sahabah leads to rejecting Islam. The religious differences are big, but it doesn't necessarily have to lead to violence.

Lying to protect yourself was also done by Prophet Ibrahim r.a. to protect himself from being killed by the oppressive king. So it is permissible in some occasions. However it does not make lying praiseworthy or an essential part of faith.

Anonymous said...

"Paid article" from the Zionist propoganda machinery to divert attention, resouces away from where they really ought to be. : A Sunni reader.

Munawar Aly Hosainy said...

Shias r not muslim because they r momin......fuck ur wahabi najdiat

Anonymous said...

Rafidah are indeed kuffar!

Anonymous said...

insha allah these rafidha will be reminded and will taste the same medicin in syria, as salahudin did to them.

ananymse said...

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ananymse said...

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Anonymous said...

fuck Assad funk Putin full Rojova and funk you khomeni.

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