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Muslims Revolted by CAIR's Partisan Policies


Will Coley:

For 3 days now, libertarian activists and media personalities have been inundating CAIR national with emails, and spamming their Facebook page with links, in an attempt to get them to acknowledge the work being done, trying to carve a space for Muslims OUTSIDE the Democrat party.

For 3 days those emails, and spam have not(technically) been ignored. Internal emails about the video have been sent out….emails that I can only speculate as to their full contents of, but you can assume their contents as NO Cair page has shared the link as of yet. (if you can find one that has plz prove me wrong)

This tells me that CAIR national has no intention of acknowledging work that is outside their accepted parameters. Gatekeepers, to the muslim community is what they are trying to be. So in response it's time for the next phase in our media war. Print and radio media.

A small army of libertarian bloggers are going to ask the question; "Why do major muslim organizations ignore certain activism?"

Is it political partisanship? is it ego? is it fear of losing donations to EFFECTIVE groups fighting the haters? Is it a gatekeeper mentality, is it fear of being REPLACED as the voice of American muslims? Why do national muslim groups worship the DNC? Why do national muslim groups endorse unislamic political positions to please the DNC?

I hope other muslim groups stand up and take notice……if you put a wall in front of me, or M4L, to prevent or slow our progress, I'm coming THROUGH that wall, from now on. No more mr nice guy, no more letting it slide.

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