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White Terrorism


WHITE TERRORISM: If the Media can call acts of terror 'Muslim Terrorism' - Turn the tables and see how they like it. Labels do not just work one way, they can be used equally by those demonised by them.

We use it here, not because of any hatred for white people, many who support the Muslim causes around the world more than we do ourselves! But to throw back in the faces of white right wing Muslim hating supremacists the pain of labelling so that they may understand how we, the Muslims feel, when they do it to us.

Here is just one act of 'WhiteTerrorism' in history:

The Detroit Race Riot, 1943

For three days in June, 1943, blacks and whites in Detroit fought a battle that killed 34 people, wounded 433, and destroyed more than $2 million in property. The United States has a long history of racial discrimination which periodically erupts in violence such as the Detroit Race Riot.

The Detroit riot began at a popular and integrated amusement park known as Belle Isle. On the muggy summer evening of June 20, 1943, the playground was ablaze with activity. Several incidents occurred that night including multiple fights between white teenagers who set upon black teenagers. White teenagers were often aided by sailors who were stationed at the Naval Armory nearby.

As people began leaving the island for home, major traffic jams and congestion at the ferry docks spurred more violence. On the bridge which led back to the mainland, a fight erupted between a total of 200 African Americans and white sailors. Soon, a crowd of 5,000 white residents gathered at the mainland entrance to the bridge ready to attack black vacationers wishing to cross. It didnt take long before they started killing...

Looks like they have an 'extremism' problem..maybe we need to invade their country?
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