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Bundy Ranch and the Left


Tyler Westbrook:

Here is a little something I wrote, based on what I learned here: My left leaning friends,
I engaged in conversation with supporters of #BundyRanch with some of the questions I saw from the “left” on this.
“Where are the oathkeepers when we need them against the brutal killer cops in New Mexico?”
“Where were these Patriots when Veterans of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting shot in the head protesting?”
“Would these same people, who rushed to defend Bundy, defend people of color in the same situation?”
“Does it help them understand how people in other lands feel when we attack them, and they defend themselves?”
“Would these same defenders defend against a dangerous pipeline in a fragile area?

And I have begun to get a reply:
For one, they reject any hint of racism or racist overtones all the way. This was not a white issue, but an issue of freedom. ( I never saw race talked about except a tiny bit on immigration) It was never an issue in any of the threads on the many Bundy Pages I monitor, and the mention of it was rebuffed immediately. I can honestly say I have not seen a presence of racism in the spirit of the protestors. A Black Rancher and a Mexican were both involved in the protests and were accepted as equals and appreciated. So I also reject claims of racism there after looking for it. Also several Muslims with Muslimy sounding names, were all treated with respect on the threads.
Another “where were you” had several replies:
One was, you need to reach out for help, you have to ask for help.
Another part was when asked why the more libertarian oath keeper types did not defend the vets getting shot at occupy protests and the like was “WE DID”, in many places, Libertarian types were run off from Occupy events ( I saw that myself first hand and was disheartened by it in Vermont)
The folks that would have formed honor guards, and stood up to the blows to defend the Occupy movement, were treated like crap. They were not welcome.
So, for that, I look to the Left to be more respectful of diversity of opinion, and not shun, or cast out people or their ideas because they do not agree. This was a great shame, The 99% is a big tent, and includes Freedom Movement people.
So to me, the lesson here was to reach out to each other, and share each others struggles. The “left” and the “right” when not separated by partisan blindness, have more in common than not. Our enemy is not each other.
We actually need to back each other up in our movements and efforts. NOW would be the time, go there peaceful people. Brown ones, Black ones, all the colors Imagine a Muslim, and some Black business men… , They will remember who stood by them, and it would forever change the conversation, and maybe even the future. You want to stop the wars, You want peace, you want to take back the dignity of America? Start with Nevada. Go, Now is your chance.

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