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Dajjal Will Control the Sky, the Weather and the Crops

M. Hussain,

We know from hadith that Dajjal will control the sky, the weather and cultivation. Thus for instance: 

Nawwas bin Samaan said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "He will come to some people claiming to be Allah and they will believe him. Upon his order, the sky will rain, and the Earth will produce crops for these people. Their animals will graze on their land and return to them in the evening with large udders full of milk and their flanks full (stretched). Then, he will go to other people and call them, but they will refuse to believe in him. Without forcing them, he will leave. However, they will suffer great famine and will be left with no wealth. However, when these true believers wake up in the morning they will find that they are penniless and all their properties have been destroyed." (Sahih Muslim)
If Dajjal is to have a mechanism for achieving such control the the weather and the crops, rather than merely magic, it may appear that this is already in play today. Climate engineering is already being applied, and has been researched and potentially perfected for the last few decades. There is clear documentation that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on its research. In short sum, this is how it works: climate engineering or geo-engineering involves spraying various elements, including sulfur and aluminum compounds. This ionizes the air and creates an electro-magnetic field, which can then be manipulated by HAARP. One major side effect (among many) is that it causes draught, and inhibits and harms plant growth. Additionally, it affects hardened GMO plants less. 

Sounds crazy? Find out for yourself - do some research and make up your own mind, in'sha'Allah (God Willing).

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