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An Online Interview with former Israeli Soldier & Now Peace Activist

Meinhaj Hussain,

Sarit Jacobsohn is a former IDF soldier who was drafted into the IDF and then refused many of her duties, often doing them wrong, like putting oil in the generator instead of gas, or painting a room black instead of white, or putting salt instead of sugar in coffee. She now lives in the US, working as an artist and living as a peace activist. 

Q1. At what age did you first consider the Israeli official narrative to be false? 

When i first arrived at the age of 4 from Singapore i remember a huge change in vibe. suddenly i felt like i was in a bad place but i was only a child and did not know why i was feeling this way. The attitudes of the people around were harsh. The kids were very mean to me until i was about 12...Than everything changed . ..When i was 10 or 11 i got up in front of my whole class to tell them i will not serve in the i.d.f and than i realized something was terribly wrong when the teacher dedicated the rest of the class to why i should serve and why it would be the best time in my life. I was appalled...All through my teen age years i got depressed just knowing the age of 18 will come and i will be forced to serve.When i was 14 i met some tourists who told me exactly what is going on and i felt terrible and sad. i rebelled everything and lost faith in adults and their systems. But what really left an impression on my me was seeing my sister being drafted and she truly was upset by what she was asked to do. 

What do you think about Islam and Muslims? 

I don't think people need fear of God to be good. I believe humans are kind in their nature. i don't know enough about religion to talk about god is too great for words and definitely too great for human understanding. 

What are your thoughts on Zionism? 

I think Zionism is dead and it is time for a democracy which respects all religions but follows no religion. The problem with a religious states is that it might impose ideas on people who have different views and that is how i would define oppression. Jesus said; Be aware of those who speak in my name. very well said. 

What would you say about the level of tribalism in Israel? Does everyone view themselves from the prism of a tribe? 

Israeli people have never been so divided. they are divided by gender, race, class and political belief's. The Israeli society is divided into so many groups...and many of them do not get along. There is peace between the Israeli left wing and the the Palestinians but there is no peace between the right wing and anyone..Israeli lefties suffer death threats beatings and even get shot at by the i.d.f. It does not feel like a tribe. 

Living in the US, what are your thoughts on the role organizations like AIPAC, ADL and Bnai Brith play in furthering the Zionist agenda? 

This is what happens when money is allowed in politics. Because we all know that taking bribe is immoral. Corruption is not only a problem in Israel and the United States but everywhere in the world. It seems that everywhere in the world people are rising up demanding an end to corruption in their governments. I cannot think of a country in the world that has not had mass demonstrations in the last 5 years, demanding that their governments will represent the people instead of those with the most capital and yes here huge sums of money are spent by the Israeli supporters to buy America's unwavering allegiance. That money that buys America's support for Israel has granted the military industrial complex every wish against united nation rule. The veto power by the United States in the United Nations must end. It is not a democratic body while any one nation has the power to stop the decision made by the majority of nations. 

What are your thoughts on how peace can be achieved? 

There is already peace and love between the Israeli activists and our Palestinian brothers and sisters. For peace to be achieved we must all join the activist and help the Palestinians recover many years of total oppression.and hope they will forgive. Educate ourselves to who profits on war. We must spread the truth with people's media that teaches peace for the people of Israel have been brain washed for years from media that teaches racism, nationalism and hate. The war on peace activists has to stop. They must stop killing, beating and torturing us. The world needs to wake because this can easily be stopped with the power of the people. It is wrong beyond belief to engage in so many war crimes and yet claim the other is the terrorist, well that is what Nazi Germany called the Jews...Terrorists...

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