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An Open Letter to the Ulema

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As Salaam Alaikum,

What I am about to say in this letter, I mean with the best of intentions. I hope each and every scholar reading this can understand the urgency and take heed.

As we all know, our Ummah today is the most oppressed community on earth. We are facing trials and tribulations not witnessed by any other community in recent years. But how strange, that the very community assigned with the task to establish justice, are the greatest victims of injustices, “We sent the Messengers, with clear signs, the scriptures and the balance, so that people can uphold justice.” [57:25]

The above Ayah demonstrates that justice is not just a part of Islam but the primary objective, the purpose of Islam – our mission on earth is to implement justice. There are many other Ayahs in the Quran to epitomise this further; “Say, I believe in whatever scripture God has sent down, I am commanded to bring justice between you.” [42:15]

Many scholars in our history, including the likes of Imam Abu Hanifa, Ibn Hanbal, and Ibn Taymiyya, have been imprisoned, tortured and executed for following this mission of Islam, to uphold justice. Every great leader has also understood this, from Salah Uddin Al-Ayyubi to Omar Mukhtar.

This is because it is universally agreed upon by every classical scholar without an exception, that when the Ummah is oppressed it becomes Fard Ayn to defend it; it becomes our number one priority.

Yet today, because our scholars have neglected, misunderstood or refused to act upon the message of Islam, the Ummah too has abandoned the central action of Islam and we have become the greatest victims of injustices.

I would like to bring to your attention a warning of the prophet (pbuh). He once expressed what he feared more than Dajjal, and from other narrations we understand Dajjal to be the greatest fitnah. His greatest fear was “misguided and astray scholars.” This is because if our scholars go astray, the entire Ummah goes astray. This is why it is vital for scholars to competently fulfil their duty.

As a scholar, you are the teacher of our Ummah, an inheritor of the prophet (pbuh), and this is exactly why you should be at the forefront of our freedom struggle. I am sure from everything that has been said above; you can appreciate and understand that your responsibility demands more than reactive fundraisers and events that raise awareness. The responsibility you have chosen demands an organised, proactive and strategic solution to the problems of our Ummah.

This is why we urgently call scholars of the world to form a committee in their respected areas to discuss the abovementioned issues. We understand this is a huge task; therefore we have attempted to map out a strategic solution which we would appreciate if you could provide your critical feedback and improvements on. It is a short yet unprecedented overview of the actions and roles each individual needs to play, including scholars.

Of course we understand there is much more to it than what is said in the lecture. For this reason we are willing to meet, discuss and take this further with your help. Please contact us to discuss this further.
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