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Visit to the Medinah Project in Indonesia

Meinhaj Hussain,

This is a recent video from my visit to the Medinah Project in Indonesia. The Medinah Project is a Muslim Village project in line with protecting ourselves from an increasingly Dajjalic and corrupting world, and thus relates to the End of Times prophecies and Islamic eschatology. The project was started by a German revert to Islam, brother Habib, who is running the project. Brother Habib, his Indonesian wife, and two beautiful children live there. There are also various other brothers and sisters who have bought land / are building houses, but have yet to reside there.

UPDATE: For a more critical view, please see: . My later experience with the project was not positive. I have distanced myself from this project. 

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Anonymous said...

Salam, I think you are totally wrong to show in this blog ( your private conversation by email with the brother Habib.

Anonymous said...

He even asked you to not put his full name and other personal information in the internet but you didnt respect that.

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