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Is Religion to Blame?

Ali Shah

Muslims don't blow themselves up in Allah's name. If you're interested in forming your own opinion it helps to read the holy book of that faith instead of getting your information from the government and/or mainstream media or someone online who maybe ignorant or even bigoted. I'm just a learned man. I am by no means a scholar or political scientist.

From past aggressive debates online, I find it curious that the people who have the biggest opinions on Islam and Muslims are non Muslims who have never even read the Qur'an e.g renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. Most neo-atheists seem to echo each others opinions rather than doing any serious or honest research of their own. Most atheist celebrity personalities I have come across and listened to are 1. devoid of facts and 2. dishonest and 3. exploit the new trend in the lucrative market of the new age atheist by writing books that promote stereotypes by using academic dishonesty and bigotry.

Face Book itself is not the best source of information either, as much of Face Book is infiltrated by paid full time propaganda agents. Political sites online are filled with disinfo designed to confuse and obfuscate from the real agenda.

The media tells us Muslims blow themselves because Islam is a backward incompatible religion with the modern world. That is the duty of the media. Control through information. When was the last time the media told you that corporate exploitation was incompatible with humanity and the planet earth? Or that Western capitalism was responsible for killing tens of millions of people world wide?

There is a war going on and the media would have you believe we are the righteous and the enemy is a crazed bloodthirsty crazy psychopath.

"In war, the first casualty is the truth. " General Patterson.

I recall when the British empire ruled the native Americans were savages and the black African heathens needed civilisation at the end of a cannon. It was Britannia's righteous duty to civilise the savages. Not much has changed. Today it is America's duty to give democracy to the undemocratic who want to be 'freed' from the very dictators the US and Britain prop up to maintain their interests.

We cannot verify who is a suicide bomber and we cannot allow the media to tell us that those who oppose military conquest are terrorists. We don't know who detonated a bomb from the aftermath of its destruction. Much of these so called suicide bombs are black ops carried out by special forces in order to cause stability and fear among the people under occupation. This is how imperial governments have ALWAYS sought to justify their imperialist plans to a largely uninformed and ignorant public which is packaged, sold and reinforced by the corporate media arm.

These so called suicide bombs and IEDs did not start happening until the Americans arrived and started dropping bombs and killing millions of men, women and children.

Palestine however is another issue. There are a defenceless people being wiped off their own land by a brutal 70 year European Jewish military occupation. The Palestinians don't even have a viable army. The resistance is fought by civilians and children against a murderous genocidal occupier. I'm quite sure if Palestinians had arms, tanks, helicopters, an air force, navy, missiles, satellite reconnaissance in space they would not use kamikaze style tactics. Who wants to fight an invader if death and self destruction was your only viable way of hoping to deter the enemy?

As a Muslim and a historian I know that modern day Israel is not the biblical Israel which existed in Iraq. Most people do not even know that. Israel is actually military base housing US nukes in the middle East. Military barracks housing deadly arms cannot be justified as easily as a military base housing families, one of the tactics of taking over an enemies land is to populate that land and justify defending the population.

Which of any of these points seem religiously orientated to you?

In the Qur'an killing taking an innocent or harming a non combatant is one of the most grievous and unforgivable sins.

The last time I looked, no organisation causes more death, murder and war than the ruling elite and they are by no means Muslim, Christian or Jew. If anything they are not a Godly people? Some of the bloodiest dictators of the 20th century were Atheists: Pol Pott, Mao, Stalin, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. A fact randomly overlooked by an increasing secular society which is part of the social engineering agenda.

The so called and falsely acclaimed Christian 'Crusades' were not holy wars. They were political wars about military conquest of land and resources. The lucrative merchant ports of the middle East were a gateway for global commerce and trade that flooded into Europe from Africa, Middle East and Asia. The control of resources of Africa and Eurasia is the only way to strategically control the whole world, hence empires have always been interested in controlling these.

When people mistakenly blame religion for wars, the implication is that non religious people somehow do not commit heinous crimes and do not go to war? This ideological ignorance does not withstand 60 seconds of scrutiny and cross examination.

Anti-religion is part of the New World Order to unify people into one culture, one society and one belief -which is slowly being fed to the masses.

When you are stripped of your gender, your culture, your faith and your age, what identity do you have left? None. Your new identity is conditioned into you and you are easier to control and exploit.

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Anonymous said...

....interesting, "one of the tactics of taking over an enemies land is to populate that land and justify defending the population".. a tactic known all to well in Pakistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir where land is being "settled" by Pakistan Punjabis thus changing the demographics.

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never been to Azad (Pakistani) Kashmir. Nothing like this is happening there, there is natural intermixing of population - for instance, one of my relatives are part Kashmiri part Punjabi. Where this is happening however, is in Palestine, in Philippines, in Myanmar, and more.

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