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America Loses her Right to Remain Silent

Meinhaj Hussain,

Recently in a ruling on a case Salinas v. Texas, the US Supreme Court has revoked the long held right of a defendant to remain silent on police interrogation. The court noted this even before arrest, even in informal questioning. This ruling touches upon habeas corpus itself and is being played down in the Zionist controlled US media.

In Salinas vs. Texas, two brothers were shot at home in Houston with no witnesses. Salinas had been at a party there before and police invited him down to the station, for informal questioning. They did not arrest him or read him his Miranda warnings and Salinas agreed to give the police his shotgun for testing. Then the cops asked whether the gun would match the shells. According to the police, Salinas stopped talking, shuffled his feet, bit his lip, and started to tighten up. During the trial, Salinas did not testify, but prosecutors described his reportedly uncomfortable reaction to the question. 

Salinas argued this violated his Fifth Amendment right of remaining silent, however, Justice Samuel Alito blithely responded that Salinas was “free to leave” and did not assert his right to remain silent. He was silent. But somehow, without a lawyer, and without being told his rights, he should have affirmatively “invoked” his right to not answer questions. 

What is worse is that two other justices signed on to Alito’s controversial opinion. Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia joined the judgment, but for a different reason; they think Salinas had no rights at all to invoke before his arrest! (they also object to Miranda itself

This case illustrates how the US is steadily moving towards a corporate totalitarian state. Malek Bennabi notes the blow back effect of colonialism (and neo-colonialism in this case): it always comes back home to roost in the form of a Nazi ideology, that when the values of civilization are tarnished abroad, the men that tarnish them return back home without those values, and eventually the society's civilizing elan is harmed the way it wished it on its global neighbors. Thus "he who digs a well under the feet of his neighbor shall himself fall into it".

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