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Sneaky Christians Placing Bibles that Look Like Qurans in Masjids


Looks like a Quran. Was in Masjid. Is in Somali. Definitely not Quran. Either you do da'wah or they will give you da'wah - Jamal Omar
This is how desperate Christian missionaries are. They printed a bible trying to make it look like a Quran and sneaked into a masjid and placed it on the shelves. Do you think Jesus (peace be upon him) would behave this way? Who do we know from the Quran and the Bible who is sneaky in nature? Satan? So who are you following then?

Muslims: If you don't do da'wah, they will. And they will use every underhand tactic. Has your life made you too busy to work for Islam? Do not forget where we are all headed, remember that your busy-ness may have diverted you from your real purpose in life.

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