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The Great Game in the Middle East and the US Government


West Coast Freedom Riders 
By Robert Clarke 

Well, our so called leaders keep up their relentless calls for war, as they shamelessly beat the drums of war around the globe. All in the names of us good hard working Americans here at home in the U.S.A. All while standing , posing before cameras, in their thousand dollar silk suits, all with the arrogance once only reserved for Kings and Queens, the royalty of past centuries . Proclaiming that the have the duty , the moral high ground, the divine right if you will to punish those the deem to be the guilty ,the murderers, the ones who they deem a threat to freedom, tranquility , Mom and apple pie. 

There are several problems though and they are alarming, one of the most disturbing though is a huge problem , and that is the fact this very script for order out of chaos, unrest and endless wars in the middle east was spelled out long ago in quite some detail. Now I know we as a country, or any country for that matter, are all to busy with just living our own lives and surviving to actually read and keep track of these plans even though they are made public.

It is no surprise that for the most part these revealing plans are largely hidden from the public. If anyone out there has been following my posts here they would have read several documents posted in the last weeks that not only confirm the details of the plans for the mid-east but also the lengthy time line and pre-planning that it also revels.

Here are just a few key lines to show the content in those papers .Netanyahu seems to be the main mover in America's official adoption of the 1996 white paper A Clean Break, authored by him and American fellow neocons, which aimed to aggressively remake the strategic environments of Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

As they say in boxing circles, three down, two to go. Just prior to America's invasion of Iraq. with several of the Clean Break paper's authors now holding key positions in Washington, the plan for Israel to transcend its foes by reshaping the Middle East looks a good deal more achievable today than it did in 1996.

Americans may even be persuaded to give up their lives to achieve it." The upheavals of the Arab Spring fall within the context of George W. Bush's Greater Middle East Project, proclaimed after 2001 to bring "democracy" and "liberal free market" economic reform to the Islamic countries from Afghanistan to Morocco. 

Contrary to the carefully-cultivated impression that the Obama Administration is trying to retain the present regime of Mubarak, Washington in fact is orchestrating the Egyptian as well as other regional regime changes from Syria to Yemen to Jordan and well beyond in a process some refer to as 'creative destruction.'" 

In advance of the several revolutions of the Arab Spring, as the Wall Street Journal was already reporting in 2007, the State Department's intelligence unit organized a conference of Middle East experts to examine the merits of engagement, particularly in Egypt and Syria, with the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA's primary tool of destabilization in the Middle East.

The template for such covert regime change was developed by the Pentagon, US intelligence and various think-tanks such as the ubiquitous RAND Corporation, Freedom House and US government-funded NGO, National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NED is active in all the countries that have experienced "spontaneous" popular uprisings: Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan. As the architect and first head of the NED, Allen Weinstein told the Washington Post in 1991, "a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA." 

Similarly, on behalf of the Americans, armed and Saudi-funded Salafis have been brought in to help destabilize the government of Syria. American subversive activities in Syria have been coordinated through a Muslim Brotherhood-connected organization, the National Salvation Front (NSF), which unites liberal democrats, Kurds, Marxists and former Syrian officials in an effort to transform President Assad's regime. 

Now then are you starting to see the hidden hand behind the curtain ? Does any of these sound strangely similar to what we were hearing eleven years ago about the justification for invading Iraq. You must learn, however painful it may, be that all of these endless wars on Terror are really an elaborate plan to reshape the power structure in the middle east and all by design complete with detailed plans drafted by the powers to be long before 911, the catalyzing event to draw America into the fray.

Some of you out there are still not aware of the level of deception involving 911 and the fact that all these wars are based on the foundation of the events of 911. We have learned from the past that despite the lies from the politicians, they have had detailed plans for years . Fortunately, they are extremely arrogant and love to flaunt their intellectual superiority. They as well as CFR and other Groups have a certain belief, and kind of ritualistic ways of doing business that actually requires them to publish hints as well as detailed plans in plain sight as a sort of pretext before they are achieved .

It really is an in your face , kind of arrogance that says we are not only smarter than you but our councils have published detailed reports that spelled out our plans only you people are to stupid to read them and we have you under control via the media. As well as their belief that they are actually doing what is best and too by serving their, self proclaimed, master of Satan.

Just have a look at the published works called Project for a New American Century that clearly spells out the need for a catalyzing event in order to transform the USA military or else it will be a long and lengthy process . Then on cue they get that event via 911 the New Pearl Harbor they called for, and George Bush referred to it as.

Or then too remember how Condoleezza Rice said , " We had no idea of any plan to use airplanes to crash into buildings." Only one problem though many of the governments own white papers spelled out that plan in great detail as well as the cover of a F.E.M.A. manual that has an illustration of the Twin Towers with a big cross-hair target sight on it ,and much more to rehash on this particular post. 

These people no longer represent the American People, our ideals , our sincerity and honesty our way of life and have not for a very long time. It is long past time for the whole lot of them to go the way of the dinosaurs as well as the way of past monarchies of centuries ago. We are actually paying these people whom only represent the large private banking cartels of the world , the one percent if you will, large salaries to live the life of luxury.

To travel in style aboard private jets, to wine and dine at the worlds best restaurants, to stay as the most lavish accommodations on the globe. All while the hard working American workers foots the bills. Then too consider that the media available to you on your TV that we all grew up so blindly believing in, has now shown its true intentions as nothing more than a PR service for this corrupt political machine . I never want to hear anything ever again from anyone about some poor person or persons receiving public assistance and or food stamps every again.

All of this deliberate disinformation is brought into your homes complete with hypnotizing techniques of mass mind control utilizing, for instance the news anchors deliberate vocal delivery of varying up and down tones more reminiscent of baby talk and lullaby to an infant. Consider this if you will. Controlling public opinion is a very high priority in a nation like the United States and billions of taxpayer dollars are spent every year in this effort. "Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation." And who do you think pays for all that? The taxpayer actually funds the agencies who deceive him on a daily basis. 

Now you are starting to get the picture of the importance of the Alternative Media and the true power of your computers. In fact speaking of computers I need someone out there that is good with Photoshop to please Photoshop for me a picture of John McCain standing there in his silk suit with a red velvet Kings robe around him as well as wearing a Kings crown and possibly even a staff in his hand as well. All while addressing his subjects , the peons below him, in the photo. 

This is the visual aid needed to stress the points above , The complete arrogance of it all. I mean to tell you the total hypocrisy of claiming we are going to bomb Syria and punish them when it is we who are launching hell-fire missiles via drones abroad in several other countries like Pakistan and Yemen , killing hundreds of innocent women and children. All in the name of killing maybe ten "supposed" militants.

And just what is it that these supposed militant are guilty of, in their own country I might add? Their only crime is that of being a male and of military age . Are you not disgusted yet ? Have you all just lost any cognitive reasoning capabilities?, Or are you so busy just living and feel that you are helpless to call it out, as well as not wanting to risk you career and reputation ?

I can understand what ever reasons you may have, but you must know the truth as well. Killing these alleged militants in drone strikes across the world for simply being military age males, as well as an American Teenager abroad on purpose as well , is not who we are as a country . At least not the country I and a lot of you reading this grew up in . This is a moral outrage foisted up the land of the free by the Zionist objectives and those that have long ago covertly co-opted our country .

They even have the gall to set up a stasi style police state complete with the Department of Homeland security as well as the Transportation Security Administration (US Department of Homeland Security). I mean what the hell, we are free men we never intended to set up a police state on our own soil in our own country . This has all been achieved by the slow gradual lies and fear instilled in the masses in the wake of 911.

The foundation of all of this was built on the absolute and undeniable lies as well as complete disregard for the scientific evidence of the events of September 11th 2001. If you are following my posts as well as excessive number of articles and documentaries on the subject you would know these truths to be self evident .

Do those last few words ring a bell, a bell of Liberty? They should and do for many reading this. But then too remember that they are only from that goddamn, outdated ,worthless piece of paper , said one former Republican president. To which the current Democratic president has responded by executing and mind-numbing number of executive orders and legislation to further decimate that piece of paper into the dust bins of history . 

Awaken I say . Your starting to get restless, your low rumbling snore has just been interrupted by you clearing your throat. Your about to sit up and rub the sleep from your eyes. Your about to sit up and shout out , "Where i the Hell am I, and how did I end up on the couch? " Your looking down and saying , "How did my cloths get all disheveled ? WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN MOLESTING YOU
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