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Convoy of Death: How the West Murdered 5,000 Muslim Prisoners



CONVOY OF DEATH - HOW AMERICA SLAUGHTERED OVER 5000 UNARMED MUSLIM PRISONERS: In any war armies take prisoners and this is what happened when the US armed forces and their Afghanistan based allies began to advance and take territory from the Taliban forces in 2001. Taliban prisoners were killed whilst in detention centres as well as shortly after capture. At least 3000 prisoners were killed in theDaist-i-laili after surrendering at Kunduz city and being taken prisoner by US special forces and the infamous militia of General Dostum. The prisoners were forced into steel shipping containers at Mazar-e-sharif and there they baked in the heat begging for air, which the Dostum troops provided by firing into the container, and the blood of the defenceless inmates gushed out.

Amongst the detainees in the shipping containers were a group of young men from Tipton. One of the unfortunate men placed in the shipping containers provides testimony about what happened to him. The young British man from Tipton states he was put into a container at Mazar-e-Sharif "it was ram packed and it started getting humid. People were screaming, some banging, some praying and I got up and started screaming like the guy next to me. He pulled me down and so it got easier to breath before I got knocked out. A few hours later I heard shooting for half an hour or an hour and then it went quiet. 

The next time I woke up there was all light in the container and then I noticed there was a body next to me and beneath me it was wet and really cold. I had a cloth and with the cloth I started wiping the water off and squeezed and drinked it" ( The road to Guantanamo). Later the young man realised that the water was a combination of blood, urine and sweat from the other captives in the shipping container. There were approximately 160 dead in each container. The wounded or sick survivors were taken in a truck to the Daist-e-Laili and executed. According to the Afghan who counted the Taliban prisoners there were 8000 to begin with and after, 3015. The Afghans involved have confirmed that at all times command responsibility lay with the US special forces who ordered the speedy disposal of the bodies before the massacre could be detected by satellites(Afghan Massacre the Convoy of Death).
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