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Asghar Bukhari of MPACUK Responds to the Anti-Voting Brigade on Russell Brand


1. Political action is not just voting. It is any form of action, organising the community or spreading an idea for a political objective. In our case the objective is freedom.

2. Voting is a political act. It can have a devastating impact. If the masses are awakened. Look how the socialists used a politically awake mass to overthrow the liberals after the first world war.

3. Also look at how political parties fear a Muslim voter block.

4. The red herring: Some groups use silly arguments to justify their position, take HT (for dogmatic reasons imported from abroad with their weird understanding of islam i.e not strategic) and Saudi Salafi / Tablighi /Apolitical Sufi's who also use ignorant arguments (for no better reason than they are just apolitical idiots). These groups use a false argument, a straw man, in that they argue to an ignorant apolitical Muslim mass that Voting will not get you freedom/Calipha/Free Palestine etc - and they are right!

BUT No one has ever said it would get them this. Instead what it is, is another level of pressure to achieve the above. No single thing will get them any of the above mentioned demands. Is is collective acts that bring about change.

Look at the black million man march, Malcolm X and Black voters voting en block and joining and lobbying, political rappers waking the people up etc ALL CONTRIBUTED TO FREEDOM.

The silly thing is these Muslims never argue against doing other things because they "wont achieve Freedom for Palestine?" So for example these Tablighi idiots do not stop rolling their trousers above their ankles because 'it wont free Palestine', but they refuse to vote because it wont free Palestine. In short they make excuses to get political and then argue a useless point to back up their reason. It sounds logical if you are a apolitical Muslim idiot.

In this battle those who oppose us (Zionists for example) spend billions on lobbies, parties, secret funding and join in their thousands - teaching their children to swamp political parties. Now if we believe the Muslim apolitical idiotic argument, that it makes no difference, they are trying to make us believe, that these Zionists are just throwing their money away - since its all predetermined anyway - all parties and people are the same so why even have a lobby or join a party - these Zionists are all just idiots spending billions for nothing.

Of course this is just plain ignorant. Every person who joins or funds a political party moves that party a degree, they join in their thousands, thus the party moves the way they want. We don't - so it doesn't.

So in short every political act brings change, some more than others, and voting is just another lever to bring change.

5. Now let us move to Russel Brand. Brand uses a political tool - he a famous star - says I do not believe in the system. The system fears this - NOT because 2 million muslim idiots who they want to die or leave the country or better still provide cheap labour but remain apolitical, are not voting - BUT because he is WHITE, and the WHITE working classes might agree with him and overthrow the Government. You see he can use a different strategy - one that does not work for us. Both are good, as all political action is. BUT for different reasons.

6. Brand chooses a socialist path, the reason is he sees that as closer to Justice than Capitalism, Muslims instead of arguing about pointless idiotic debate about is Democracy halaal or not should ask - why did he not choose Islam. You see Islam currently has not ethics because it was perverted by apolitical muslims into nothing but rituals, so that good people never look to it to offer the great answers to their problems. Petty minds made it nothing but prayer and can women wear nail varnish - could any brilliant mind follow this???

7. Lastly, Brand is not against Democracy, he is against the current Corpocracy and predetermined game that Democracy has become precisely because Zionists and others have perverted the system. Again these muslim thicko's blame democracy - instead of understanding that it is a perversion of Democracy that people hate and are disillusioned by.

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