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Zionist Gestapo Attacks & Silences Americans against Israeli Apartheid


How Zionists with IDF car stickers harass and pacify ordinary Americans. Here is the story of an all American lady, Mary, from the West Side, near Beverly Center. Her crime was to put a “Free Palestine” bumper sticker on her car. First she had dog feces (or who knows, maybe the perp's own feces) smeared all over the roof, windshield, and windows of her car. Over the next week or so she had a total of five slashed tires, within a period of a week. That's when Mary gave up. Removed the bumper sticker. And was careful to always park inside her garage. She lives in a very Jewish Los Angeles neighborhood, with no problems for nearly 40 years. She notes “I guess free-speech in America only works if it doesn't offend Zionist sensibilities” 

This is how Zionists treat Americans in America. Can you imagine how Palestinians are treated in Israel? This is what happens when people spend their time avoiding trouble, being “apolitical” and saving their own skin aka “perfecting themselves”. Do you want this to happen to you? “Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their own souls” (13:11). Live like the prophets (peace be upon them all), join our fight for a just world, or forever remain a slave to the system.
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