In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
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The Apolitical Muslim - The Fake Ideology


At every opportunity we must challenge the cancer within us of an apolitical ideological version of Islam. An Islam that our colonizers have taught us. An ideology where we are taught to focus on rituals alone, never ethics. To be mindful of minor rules but mindless of the major calamities befalling our people. 

Where prayer was more important than a life, where pillars no longer upheld brave deeds, but replaced them, where self perfection was letting the Ummah perish while we were taught to sit in petty circles discussing arcane matters of fiqh, where piety was judged on the outward appearance of a person instead of the great moral and ethical deeds they did to uplift mankind. 

It is this evil ideology, this cancer, masking itself as the true religion of Islam that stops great deeds being done, by focusing our minds inwards, teaching us to act on comparatively petty deeds. This wicked ideology upholds our enslavers, supports our colonizers and pacify's the next generation who would otherwise fight for our freedom
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