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Explaining the Kenyan Mall Attack


Posted from Asghar Bukhari, MPACUK

The News around the globe has recently been showing footage of the attack on a Kenyan shopping Mall by people linked to Al-Shabab.

Why is this happening? 

To understand this you must go back to when Somalia was destroyed as a nation by American paid for and weaponized war Lords. They looted and destroyed the country backed by the CIA. 

A popular uprising began and soon an indigenous group called "The Islamic Courts Union" backed by the people of Somalia overthrew the CIA's War Lords and peace returned to Somalia.

The first period of relative peace in 16 years to come to Mogadishu lasted just six months. The overthrow of US backed war lords by Muslims prompted the US Government to secretly back Ethiopia the age old enemy of Somalia pushing them to invade.

The plan was to install a weak, but 'official' government in exile back into power backed by Ethiopian forces.

As for the popular uprising of the people, the US Task Force 88's job was to hunt down and kill them. 

Days after the meeting that finalised the attack on Somalia the US started to characterise the home grown revolution by the Somalian Islamic Courts Union as a branch of "Al-Qaeeda" much like they did to the build up against Iraq and Afghanistan. The propaganda war had begun 

The results were horrific. The US backed forces raided houses, looted property, beat and shot anyone they suspected as collaborating with the Islamic Courts. The shelled densely populated including hospitals according to Human Rights Watch. Extra-judicial killings were widely reported, accounts of soldiers slaughtering men women and children like goats started to appear. 

Some 6000 civilians were reportedly murdered in Mogadishu in 2007 and 600,000 Muslim civilians were internally displaced from around Mogadishu. An estimated 335,000 Muslims fled and became Refugees. 

This was the root of the uprising and the growth of Al-Shabab. These Somalian youths unsurprisingly now had no faith in America or the West and instead chose to fight America head on and anyone they installed in Somalia.

America learned nothing, choosing to call them terrorists and Al-Qaeeda they co-opted other African nations into its war to destroy Somalia - including Kenya. 

Kenyan forces entered Somalia, backed by US money and arms. But they also brutally used their torturers on behalf of the West and Israel. Their agents secretly tortured Muslims in secret prisons, on behalf of the Mossad, CIA & British secret services even raping the male prisoners in their torture chambers before they were flown out to CIA black prisons around the world never to be seen again (read the book Cruel Britannia). 

Al-Shabab promised to respond...they chose an Israeli owned shopping mall visited by westerners to hit are seeing the response on your television screens right and now you know why...

Another Muslim civilisation had been destroyed, millions of Muslim lives shattered...and the blow back from this was now claiming innocent lives in the lands of the American Allies it used to wage its Dirty Wars of Terror.

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