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The Zionist Organ Traders: Kosherized Organs for the Chosen People

Meinhaj Hussain & Sandy Nichols


Organ donations such as kidneys represent a trade where demand has risen steadily while supply has remained static. Israel is marked as among the countries that have such a deficit demand for organs has increasingly been sourced to the illegal trade. The payoffs in Israel are among the highest in the world, in fact, according to Organ Watch statistics, only second to the United States. 

Among the leading networks engaged in such trade, are Zionist Jewish networks worldwide. Recently for instance, a Rabbi was busted by the FBI for engaging in such trade from Palestine. This turned out to be part of a much larger operation spanning continents. Meanwhile, back in Palestine, bodies of Palestinian casualties caused by Israel have been increasingly returning home with missing organs. Since Palestinian lives are of little value to Israel, such concerns have been shown a blind eye. 

Meanwhile, the problem of moral hazard can only traumatize the Palestinian population further: do shooting of Palestinian civilians provide illicit organs or does the demand for illicit organs provide Zionists a lucrative reason to pull the trigger? While Israelis see Palestinians as an inferior race of people whose existence is a blemish on their Zionist state, and who are to be quarantined behind high walls and prejudice, they remain strangely willing to use the inferior body parts to fill the holy bodies of the Chosen People. From this perspective perhaps, the Zionists have finally found use for the Palestinians they so wish to irradicate – the Gaza Strip as the world’s first organ farm; that is of course, beyond the purpose of the Palestinian labourers in building the settlements that strip them of their own land. All indications indicate a wider strategy, in fact, official sanction and cover is fully being provided, from Rabbi’s edicts to a legal protective cover

Meanwhile, the Palestinians do not remain the only people to suffer; it seems the Zionist order’s greed for organs has become a global affair; Moldova, Belarus, Brazil, Bosnia, Kosovo, Italy, Sweden, Iraq, Costa Rica,... Israelis organ traffickers have made it all the way to China

It appears strange that a people so sure about their chosen-ness and of their high place up above, should be among the people that are most afraid to die. Logic would have suggested the opposite – that since Israel is so chosen, and her people of such great favour in the Day of Judgment, Israelis should have been more than happy to reach their higher station. It seems however, that the Quran rings true today as much as yester years:
Say (unto them): If the abode of the Hereafter in the providence of Allah is indeed for you alone and not for others of mankind (as ye pretend), then long for death (for ye must long for death) if ye are truthful. (94)
But they will never long for it, because of that which their own hands have sent before them. Allah is aware of evil-doers. (95)
And thou wilt find them greediest of mankind for life and (greedier) than the idolaters. (Each) one of them would like to be allowed to live a thousand years. And to live (a thousand years) would be no means remove him from the doom. Allah is Seer of what they do. (96)
(Al-Quran, 2:94-96)
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