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Why are American Men Losing Interest in Women?


It's been quite a summer for women. The have shortened their clothes to the extent that they are amost naked. The short shorts have almost become underwear. Countless millions of dollars have been spent to show long, hairless, female legs. The necklines have plunged so much that the breasts are half visible.

In spite of all this desperate effort by the females, the males are not interested. Here is an incomplete list of the reasons why men are not impressed by the surge of female nudity.
1. Women are easily available to men. Whether they are half dressed or one fourth dressed, men can pick them up without the slightest difficulty.

2. The increasingly naked women look so much alike, it is as if the Jewish groups fashion designers have set up mass production units to make every woman look like every other woman. Men looking for someone "special" see todays women as more of a meat factory rather than a mysterious world where their "soul mate" may be hiding.
3. Marriage is crumbling in America. There is hardly any marriage left. The 50% divorce rate is an old figure. Looks like it must be a 100% divorce rate by now.
4. Men are not interested in getting married. Women are not even trying to get men to marry. They "shack up" and after a while the government accepts the "shacker uppers" as married couples.
5. The surge of homosexuality has been hard on women who want to attract men. Increasingly men are inteterested in other men.Perverts are now seen as normal people. So why try to hide the perversion? The President of the United States is leading the homosexual movement. The only way to counter the male homosexual indifference to women is for women to withdraw into lesbianism. Again the perversions are being viewed as "normal."
5. Jewish controlled media like NPR are claiming that homosexuals are actually better human beings than heterosexuals. NPR [National Public Radio] presents hour long specials on great homosexuals.
6. Zionists in the TV media don't want to be left behind in supporting the virtues of sodomy and whatever-lesbians-do. As a conservative commentator noted, MSNBC's self-declared lesbian [and pro-Zionist] Rachel Maddow visits the White House more often than King Abdullah, the playboy ruler of Jordan.
7. Another big reason why men see women only as vehicles of pleasure rather than human beings is the tremendous growth of drug addiction. Heroin use has brecome almost as widespread as apple pie used to be in old America. Businesses check employees for drug use but the employees [males] have learned how to deceive the tests.
8. Heroin use among White people is now so widespread with such serious social consequences that the power structure has decided to legalize marijuana. If the young replace heroin with marijuana, at least they will not self-destruct.
9. The habits of the men are dripping into the souls of the women. They do whatever men want them to do. Both young and old women, in increasing numbers, try to dress as sluts or prostitutes used to dress. They have learned that men want them to look and dress and behave like sluts [with the Zionist media working as the support base of the male idea of undressing women].
10. Crimes against women are common in America. Every city has its horror story. The men are treating women as if women are slaves to be used for sex at earlier and earlier ages.. Recently New York state ruled that contraceptives should be available to girls whatever their age, even if they are 13 or below. The Obama administration objected that the girls should be at least 15 to get contraceptives but a month later withdrew the objection.
11. Rape has undergone a strange permutation in America. Erin Burnette reported on CNN on August 22, 2013, that in 31 states rapists have parental rights over the children of the women they raped. There are more than 32,000 pregnancies from rape every year. The issue came up when a rapist demanded parental rights on the child of his victim. He had raped her when she was 14 and he was 20. She went to court to resist his demand. [The court's decision has not come out yet.]
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Anonymous said...

This post is ridiculous. Men are still very much interested in women. Styles change and women's dresses and pants will be longer sometimes shorter during other periods, and the trend now is for longer, not shorter. You're just way off base.

The divorce rate is not 100%. It's not even 50%. It's way too high though. That's not a good thing, but at least our women are treated way better than in Muslim countries where you creeps basically own them and can marry as many as you want.

And heroin use is common? Are you crazy? Look at the drug use statistics. Way less than 1% of Americans use heroin. Only a tiny fraction even try it and heroin use has been declining, not going up. Why don't you do some research to verify you ridiculous claims rather than just making stuff up? Heroin use is way more common in the Middle East. Most of it is produced there and in Afghanistan and Pakistan and so on.

This is whole article was just anti-American propaganda with little basis in fact. Most of it was completely inaccurate. And it's pretty funny too. I deal with Muslims every day. They're all so honest and perfect, not. People are people no matter their religion. You can hate everyone who isn't Muslim and be a jerk if you want, but the more you guys do that the more you'll be tangled up in wars and starving in your backwards countries. I wish my government would just drop that entire region, get out and not try to help anyone there or get involved in the political process or civil wars. I don't care about Israel or any Arab or Persian nation. It would suit me fine if that entire region was nuked and turned into glass. Israel is a liability for us, not an asset, and the rest of you are crazy religious zealots with a death wish because you think you're going to paradise and will have your 72 perpetual virgins, which doesn't sound like Heaven to me at all. I wish we could all just get along, but religion is always in the way of that. If there is a God, he is a good and merciful God and he had little to do with writing the holy books of any current religion because they're all full of hate and war and the gods depicted in them are petty beings who will punish humans for all eternity for not worshiping them just right.

Murtad said...

America and Islam, both needs reforms. in the case of Islam, they should either convert into Christianity or go with their phallus idol(Shiva) worship and merge into mainstream Hinduism.

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