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Solving the TTP Problem


The Pakisan Army (PA) has been fighting the TTP terrorist for quite a few years now. While talking to a serving officer in the PA sometime back, it became clear in my mind that the PA did not understand the kind of war that is needed to defeat the TTP. Essentially, they are, like the traditional landed class of Pakistan, focused on holding territory, holding "strategic peaks". This strategy is a fatal mistake, and has been proved so for the last few years. 

If I were to give my unqualified opinion, the correct way to fight the TTP would be to form units that are organised and act like renegade insurgent units. These units should be approximately twice the size of equivalent TTP units and operate just as they do - stealthy attacks, and then vanish into the night. Such units should be sent on hunts both inside Pakistan, and more controversially into Afghanistan. While the TTP keeps bases in Afghanistan, they cannot be defeated in Pakistan in any decisive manner. PA should use such units to fight a full-fledged, no holds bar guerrilla war of its own, assassinating and killing whoever gets in their way. All captured terrorists should be made an example of and publicly flogged. 

This is in essence how a successful counter-insurgency has been fought since time immemorial. From North America, where Europeans initially found it hard to go after the vanishing Red Indians to Africa, where various bush wars turned into insurgency and counter insurgency campaigns. To fight insurgents, you need to become insurgents yourselves, and just as surely a thief is best caught with another thief, insurgents can be taken out by such tactics. 
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Ahmad Nawaz said...

Your CJ and Anti-Army Secular Brigade will start an all out war against army through media and Suo-moto Barrage :-)

Shahnawaz Laghari said...

I am agreed with your opinion and Pakistan should consider this things and I also suggest that army should put more local pashtoons and Balouch for local hunt as they know language and terrain as well and should organized them and hunt BLA too.

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