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Breaking News: 2600 Dead, Over 10,000 Injured as Egyptian Regime Attacks Protestors


News coming in from Egypt suggests over 2,600 peaceful protesters have been killed, as numbers mount. Injured thus far are over 10,000. The Egyptian regime has been shooting in all directions and there are reports that they have burned down camps with people still sleeping in them. There is also a report that a makeshift hospital has also been burned down. May Allah bless and protect our brothers in Egypt. We encourage all our brothers and sisters to take up arms against the regime. 

The Egyptian regime under the military dictator, Al-Sissi, took power in a military coup de etat. The elected president Mohamed Morsi was removed with the cooperation of the Western powers and the "international" media. It is widely being seen in the Muslim world that democracy is only a prerogative of secular forces imposed on largely Muslim populations; a slogan as long as Islamic parties and leaders do not win elections. 
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