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Massive Riggin Mars Pakistani Elections 2013


Massive rigging has marred the elections in Pakistan. Despite massive turnout, full-scale rigging continued blatantly particularly in Punjab and Sindh. In Lahore and other localities, Punjab police played a key role in the rigging. In Karachi, MQM goons took over polling booths and had their men placed as polling staff. In one case a candidate from MQM in Sindh won 100% of the votes, with the opposition candidate not voting for himself.

The turnout was unprecedented in the history of Pakistani elections, with an estimated 80% of eligible voters turning up to vote. There is rising anger in the crowds, who spent all day voting, only to see their votes to be stolen. The Election Commission of Pakistan, however. claims that they have done their duty in conducting "free and fair" elections. 

With its hopes dashed, what remains to be seen is how PTI handles the situation and the reaction from the Pakistan Army. If Imran Khan begins a protest against the election results, he could bring the country to a standstill, given the very real anger and frustration in the street. Meanwhile, the security situation has become significantly worse after a massive bombblast that shook Karachi and caused panic and chaos in the streets.
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