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Pakistan on the Brink of a Revolution


As the elections end, the widespread and systematic fraud that took place has become very clear to the people, despite Geo and other local news networks acting essentially as propaganda machines for the incumbents. Now, in any other Pakistani elections, this would be fine, people would walk away and get on with their lives. But these elections are majorly different.

With a huge turnout, Election 2013 has been a major landmark, with no election in the past coming close to the turnout and spirit that was palpable in the streets. The people had risen up, voted, put their trust in the electoral process, only to see it shattered by blatant and open electoral fraud and rigging, in many cases caught on camera. PMLN in the Punjab, MQM in Karachi / Hyderabad and PPP in Sindh have voted for the people, despite the people.

Pakistanis are as a whole already seething with anger from rampant corruption, complete economic mismanagement and a deteriorating social, economic and security climate. They are on the edge of a knife, and have been on that edge for the last few years. This appears to be the last straw. All eyes are now on Imran Khan, he can either ignite Pakistan, or accept his losses, break his promise of a "Naya Pakistan" and walk with heads bowed down. That, however is something that is unlikely to happen. What Imran Khan's next move will be, will in all probability determine what would happen in Pakistan.

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