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Imran Khan Issues Statement on Election Rigging


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehrike Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has issued a statement today that PTI will launch a nation-wide protest if rigging issues from the recent elections in Pakistan were not addressed. Khan gave the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) a three day window to respond. The press statement noted:

“We give three-day time to the ECP to accept our demands. But we will resort to protests if demands are not met.”

The PTI has called for re-counting using finger-printing. Despite widespread rigging caught on video and audio and shared widely on social media, the ECP has held to the fort that the elections were widely free and fair. ECP officials have been seen fully cooperating with the rigging on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, street protests continue throughout Pakistan, with large crowds holding vigil and protesting against the rigged elections.
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