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Boston Marathon Blasts

Meinhaj Hussain,

I am sad to see that it appears two Muslims committed the acts of violence at Boston. No matter what the West / US does to us, we cannot behave like animals like them. We need to live as the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to. Muslims where persecuted and tortured in Makkah, and yet the Prophet (peace be upon him) never tried to even assassinate the perpetrators. Least of all innocent civilians among them. We didn't start to fight until we were in Madina, where we had the power of a state. The Prophet (peace be upon him) never fought until he had a state. There is no room for non-state individual actions of war, least of all against opposing civilians.

I do not know what the connection is between them, and who financed these acts. Nor am I sure that the strings pulled where in fact by Muslims. Given how Abu Nadal, the supposedly first Palestinian organization to hijack a plane and commit other such crimes where later found out to have been set up by Mossad, the truth is hidden from us. But if we Muslims played a role in the Boston blasts, we need to think again and consider what we are doing, beyond blaming others. What can we do better?

Can we try and better educate our children and young adults about what Islam teaches? So that they do not end up having a "sheikh" visit them saying that if they did such and such act they will die and go directly to heaven? Can we show them that when in Uhud, the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked some Muslims to attack the enemy in an attempt to break out of a difficult situation, when some Muslims threw themselves at the enemy without armour, there was still the difference that the enemy still had to kill them? That there is a difference between the enemy striking you and killing you and you pulling the trigger to your own death?

If we refuse to teach our people the right path, others will. Our young men, our children are our responsibility. We need to stand up for that. We need to stop blaming everything on others. And we need to know when to hang our heads in shame and apologize for our shortcomings.

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