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New Chinese Fighter the J-17 Su-34 FULLBACK Copy

Meinhaj Hussain,

China is in advanced development of the bomber / strike variant of the FLANKER family, namely the Su-34 NATO designated FULLBACK. China watchers have seen the FLANKER series copied in the form of the J-11 and J-15. While details are sketchy, it is believed from internet sources that the variant is being modeled on the Russian Su-34 FULLBACK. 

This suggest extreme range and payload, with an emphasis on strike. Whether China goes for a low-level strike focus like the Su-32/34 is open to debate, and it seems more likely that China will prefer a high altitude profile and emphasize on striking within the 3rd Island chain, and potentially beyond. This could mean that the specialized inlets of the Su-34 may not be patterned, nor the side-by-side seating arrangement. 

From a geo-strategic point of view, a Su-34 class heavy striker could bring Australian targets within easy reach. Given the re-positioning of the US military in the region, and a closer partnership and basing with Australia, the J-17 appears a good tool for China. Ironically, this represents a reversal of capabilities, with Australia previously fielding the F-111, and able to strike China comfortably, but now without any long-range strike aircraft, while the J-17 will give China the capability that Australia has now lost.
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Anonymous said...

Fear mongering article

Anonymous said...

I don't know why australia has to fear China - China is only responding to the US strategy in Asia by creating enemies for any potential superpower now we see that Japan is involved too conserning some islands that japan conquered in the Imperial era and the same thing for taiwan which is not a member of the UN and it chinese territory and ethnicly chinese not to mention the philipines/vietnam and their desire to cut the US in the south china sea which is historically a chinese territory (spratly islands) since the 16th century when china was an empire and now lost mongolia and other territories to Russia and now the west is trying to strip her from it water souce tibet chineses territory for melliniums - So why australia i guess they wanna push the f-35A deal as far as they could and avoid any cut down in the defence budget even if there is no enemies the only neighbour is Indonesia a pieceful country and not a military threat at all minding it own business and dealing with poverty and developement - i think australia does not have to go with american whims and it already in NATO so it has nothing to fear except unnecessary aditionnal military spending and focus on desertification and renewble energies

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