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The Fake Mullahs

The Fake Mullahs
by Abdullah Khan

I still wonder What Mullas have given to this country. They have given sectarian divide, anarchy, lawlessness, extreme polarized and radicalized society, suicide bombings, intolerance, dishonesty, filthy thinking, and exploitation of nation's emotions, narrow thoughts and hatred. Unfortunately, they are the ignorant students of the great religion of Islam, who are honored with in human form but in fact they are worse than beasts. They are a blot on humanity and a scandal against mankind. They are exploiting youths' emotions to pursue their vested interests. They have been indoctrinating the innocent youth with their ignorant views about Islam. Some do it deliberately and some do it unintentionally but they are working on the same objective i.e. "Bring Down Pakistan". They want to make Pakistan a National Security State rather than Social Welfare State.
They belong to those classes of Mullas who have always opposed Pakistan since her birth. They labelled Quaid-e-Azam as "Kafir-e-Azam". They associate the great Iqbal with lunatics and crazy and still believe that Iqbal has no role in the making of Pakistan. The biggest fake leader of Mullas Brigade while addressing the parliament said “We are sinners as we also contributed in founding Pakistan". They are responsible for the fall of Pakistan. They are the constant producers of War in Pakistan. They are the one who transformed the youth of Pakistan into terrorists, Instead of giving pens, they give them guns. The hands, which were supposed to produce exceptional articles of writings, are using guns to trigger anarchy, chaos and unrest in Pakistan. They exploit, use and throw the youth of Pakistan. They make Pakistan an unsafe place. The country where a female can walk late in night but now, nobody dares to stand alone in front of one's house even in the evening.
These fake Mullas have indoctrinated the society, polarized it with their filthy intentions and radicalized it through their ignorant knowledge. They preach inequality, injustice, intolerance to the young boys and girls of society. But, they are unable to produce or invent a single thing which is beneficial for Pakistan in particular and mankind in general. I am amazed to see their double standards. They use all the equipment of that nation which they really want to defeat. They use motor bikes, cars, laptops, loud speakers, wrist watches, mobile phones, hair colors, sims, razors, shaving creams, banners, cameras, trucks etc. All these things are invented by their very own enemy known as "GORA". These Mullas have 5 feet fat belly probably they eat Broiler Chicken. These ignorant filthy creatures don't even know that if Broiler Chicken would not have been invented by the west, their fathers would have been telling them that in our times there used to be an eating thing known as "Chicken". They don’t even that they are being fed by western powers. Even their bathroom items are being produced by West. I don’t Know why they are so proud of themselves. They are having nothing to be proud of in their pockets. They are just barking filth which they think is right. 
Debate with them is totally out of question. The purpose of debate is to find a solution of the problem. They don't come to debate. They participate in debates to win over the participants. They do not have patience and manners for the debate. They do not have the courage to take criticism. But most important thing is, they don't have the character to debate. There is too much contrast in what they do and what they preach. While debating, they start barking, their blood pressures shoot up and they may end up in busting the head or face of other participant with their mobiles or anything they can hold immediately. Debate is the profession of intelligent, sensible and groomed people. They are not even close to that breed.
 I believe that they are one of parasites that Pakistan has become the victim of. This parasite must be wiped off from the face of Pakistan before they totally rob Pakistan. My message to them “ World shall see the demise of fake Mullas fraternity soon". When U shall be doomed, condemned and cursed only then World shall have her peace back. Till then sit back and enjoy the ride of ur fall.

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