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Why Tyler Westbrook Left the Occupy Vermont Movement

Following was the status update of Tyler Westbrook regarding why he left the Occupy Vermont Movement.

Why I left the occupy Vermont movement:
In the beginning, I like many others, was very excited to see folks rising up against an immoral system. I did all I could to support it. I made oodles of videos, created a website linked all over the world (thanks to friends in ows media team. I stayed up many nights doing security, and took many blows during it. I came every Sunday, and took my place in the ranks. I did everything I could possibly do for the movement I have. I have been involved in the peace movement and solidarity movements for years. I have been knocked down by concussion grenades, and dodged bullets and air strikes to stand for peace. I have seen snipers take out children standing on both sides of me.

I have learned that all people have real concerns on all sides of conflicts. The moment one de-humanizes the "other", their own humanity suffers.

I am under the belief, that ALL should be welcome to join and participate in OWS things, and made efforts to spread the word. We had a kerfluffle over inadvertent use of #OVBT (TM) by others, and it exposed a very ugly face of some core Burlington organizers, in their words and deeds following the incident. I tried to form a "working group" (as was my right) to reach out to some libertarians, and formed a Facebook group where tea party, Ronpaulers, and occupy people could discuss ideas politely. ( we have more in common than not, bailouts, banks, wars.....) I believe Americans of all stripes need to break down " labels" and talk. We are the 99%.

There was no end to the shit I got over this, but I got to see the true face of some people. I was told repeatedly , I had "betrayed" the movement, and had no right to create a Facebook group with occupy and tea party in the title. Really?

I saw fellow Americans who support and are curious about ows dehumanized, ridiculed, discounted by ovt members , merely for being a Ron paulite, republican, or conservative. Really, they are not welcome? The 99% is bigger than a few hard left of OVBT.

If average folks are not welcome, I do not feel welcome either.

Also, I am not interested in for protesting for a bigger government. I am not interested in demanding checks from my government.I am interested in protesting AGAINST the government and the banks.

Kudos to those who have stayed on message, and have maintained actions against the banks in Burlington.

Again I will try to offer the ovt website I created to someone who will update it. It is massively linked around the world, has broken stories worldwide, and has had multiple of tens of thousands of readers. Not everybody is on Facebook....

Then I check my OVBT Facebook "friends" to find I have been "unfriended" by more than a few "core" OVBT , all because I thought folks of different political views should politely talk. Really? Boy that makes we feel welcome to come to a OVBT ga....

So, as it has been made abundantly clear, I am not welcome or needed in the elite OVBT social club.

Someday, I hope to see an inclusive and open movement, where regular people are respected.

If OVBT became ruler, people like me would be in fear of life and liberty.( because I am a traitor, remember?)

Meanwhile, for my friends, I will be going back to Haiti to start a farm and cannery, and am working towards working with civil society groups in Iraq to support victims of our wars there. We will be raising funds by selling products stateside to pay for this work.

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