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World Islamic Mint Goes Into Bankcruptcy?

Meinhaj Hussain,

Breaking News: It is being reported that bankruptcy proceedings are in process for the World Islamic Mint, the mint most known for minting the Kelantan Dinar and Dirhams and run by Umar Vadillo. The news has not been verified but coming from reliable sources. If the news is correct, it is a significant blow to the Dinar Movement.  

The Vadillo Group has been among the champions of the Dinar movement, however have often been controversial on account of their constant attacks against other stalwarts of the dinar movement and on account of their theological rejection of an Islamic state, a rejection stemming from them being part of a newly-formed sect Murabitun, a recent sect started by Abdal Qadir As-Sufi (former Scottish actor Ian Dallas).
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islamhariini said...

is not significant blow for dinar movement, the champion? its dinar football club, with the spaniard coach

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