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A Times of Israel Article Admits Jews Control the Media

Meinhaj Hussain,

Manny Friedman, a Times of Israel columnist admits and explains how Jews control the media and brag about it. He however attributes this to them having something inherently special, a superiority complex perhaps understandable in Apartheid South Africa.

The article attempts to also attribute this success in the oppression they suffered, but the author later admits that they did the same in Germany, hitting on the nail the idea of why Jews were in fact so severely persecuted in the first place.

So really, why are Jews so successful at controlling virtually every major sector of the United States? A comment by a certain "RosRoss" on Information Clearing House answers this quandary dead center in the following words:

Jews are not better or smarter they just look after their own. You used to see the same thing with Catholics. You see the same thing with Hindus in India; you see the same thing with Indians in Africa; you see the same thing with the Chinese just about everywhere - many groups, whether religious or racial which believe they are superior will look after their own and 'stack the numbers' with their own kind.
If Jews were special, as the writer suggests then they would control movies, television, advertising, media etc., everywhere and they don't. They just do it in the US where they have been 'stacking the numbers' for a very long time in a way which would simply not be allowed anywhere else. Disproportionate representation of Jews in the US is not a universal phenomenon which puts paid to the Jews are special theory.
Why Jews in America have found it so necessary, as well as so easy, to 'gather their own' into certain areas is the interesting question. In other developed nations where followers of Judaism exist in significant numbers they have certainly made a contribution but no more so than any other group, religious, cultural or racial.
The American situation, like so many things in the US is particular and peculiar.
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