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Ali Abunimah's Antics Against Gilad Atzmon

Meinhaj Hussain,

About a year back I added Ali Abunimah as a FB friend, having heard of his support of the BDS movement. He somehow seemed offbeat and some of his comments and status updates were downright strange. A case that comes to mind - a reference to an Israeli (female) model and how Palestinians would be crushing on her and then protest against Israel, or go to clubs in Israel and then protest. Something just wasn't right and I put his input off my daily FB feed.

For a Palestinian activist against Israel, Ali Abunimah has surprisingly well-connected links in US institutions, something that should have rung an alarm bell for everyone concerned. This privileged Princeton graduate who has worked with a number of status quo publications stinks from the beginning as a rotting fish ready to reveal himself. The sum total of his work at this point is to constantly pander about the hopelessness of the cause and to attack real activists for a wide variety of pseudo-wrongdoings including "antisemitism". The later he has the chagrin of throwing at honorable men like Norm Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon. 

These tactics are suspiciously similar to what Zionists do on a regular basis. Ali Abunimah is a prime suspect at this point as a traitor and double agent to the movement. As Sister Nahida writes here, Ali Abunimah methodology of defamation itself stinks of Zionist methods; "disavow" i.e. "herem"? "excommunication"? You can read Sister Nahida's article that delves into this further here. In any case, "showing no mercy" and thought policing is not what this movement was about, but rather what the enemy has always been about. This is a clear case where Ali Abunimah is showing his true colors and you should make sure you, dear reader, to not inadvertently take those colors from him. 

The best way to deal with him is to do to him what he wishes done to others - let us shun him, close him out, and remove him  unceremoniously from any activities where he can cause harm, or in fact gain deeper insight about us. Let him shuffle around in his positions as "fellow" here and "board member" there,  those Zionist control methods are well known to all and the real work is always done at the grassroots which never requires a name plate or institutional backing from shadowy foundations.

I personally want to request Norm and Gilad, and in fact all others hurt by this potential turncoat, to not take any account of such dubious characters and to continue your awe inspiring work that has brought so much hope, courage and love in the hearts of all of us, and caused the enemy such hurt as to use their precious double agents among us against you.

May we all work together for peace and justice in this planet for all of us, and in particular for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are suffering as we speak.

Sallam (peace)
Vision Without Glasses


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