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British justice in dock over Abu Qatada By Yvonne Ridley

I am overseas as the whole Abu Qatada hate fest unfolds back in London. And from my seat over-looking the Bosphorus I am cringing with embarrassment and wondering what on earth has happened to my country.

The screaming headlines, the overly animated MPs and the behaviour of government ministers rather reminded me of the notorious monkey-hanging legend from Napoleonic times which to this day haunts the good people of Hartlepool. But I will return to that later.

Never do I recall reading so much hysterical nonsense over one person yet British parliamentarians from all parties, so-called anti terror experts and mouth pieces for rightwing think tanks continue to compete for a slot on TV to whip themselves up into an unprecedented frenzy.

The bizarre thing is they know little or nothing about Abu Qatada in terms of actual facts. Yet their hate knows no bounds or logic but, what the heck ... he's a Muslim and in the current climate Muslim-baiting has become a perfectly acceptable sport in the UK.
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