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Iran War Imminent Warning

Meinhaj Hussain,

Iran is on the verge of being attacked with rapid and silent deployment from US, UK and other Western countries to the Middle East. It has also been learned that the USS Enterprise, an outdated aircraft carrier about to be decommissioned has been sent to the Persian Gulf. This ship, with its nuclear power reactors, would be far costlier to decommission, as opposed to being lost in an attack that would then give the US and her allies an excuse to attack Iran. All the alarm bells are now singing and an attack on Iran is imminent. 

One of many accounts goes as follows:

A service member has been called on short notice and reports to their spouse that they can't say where they are going or when they will be back. Given the typical responses for Iraq and Afghanistan deployment, this is clearly a deployment to those destinations. 

The United States and Israel have been steadily pushing for a war on Iran to destroy her supposed nuclear weapons program, despite having used a similar lie to attack Iraq. These two countries and their allies hypocritically ignore Israel's large stockpile of nuclear weapons. They also ignore international law and all norms of decency and humanity. Already engaged in terrorist activities inside Iran with a large number of bomb attacks on civilian targets, some caught red-handed with direct links to Israel and the United States, the global tyrant and his local bulldog are nevertheless pulling on full steam ahead for another attack on a Muslim nation.

The writer requests all Muslims to do their best to inform our Iranian brothers and sisters and to take whatever measures possible to defend our lands from another Iraq or Afghanistan. Your action counts, please act now or forever hang your head in shame.

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