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Flying Object in South Waziristan and Tribal Areas

Meinhaj Hussain,

Strange UFO sightings, reports so widely being reported by various military units that it is hard to dismiss them as loony UFO conspiracy. The sightings are mainly concentrated in the tribal areas of Pakistan, the security-sensitive belt between Pakistan and Afghanistan, particularly South Waziristan. The lights are only visible in the infra-red spectrum using thermal imaging and night vision devices. What is being reported are disc shape objects flying at high speeds with flashing lights. The UFO did not emit any sound. The UFO(s) have also been seen to hover, or suddenly stop in mid-air.

Similar UFOs have also been seen with increasing frequency in Mexico, South America and elsewhere. A Pakistani military officer posted in South Waziristan is quoted to describe it as an eery sight - drones in the day and UFOs at night.

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