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Book: A New Medina

Meinhaj Hussain,

Assallam Alaikum. I have finally finished my next work titled A New Medina. The book is still being revised (revisions never end) but seems congruent enough to put it up.

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Preface (see Below).. 2


Bismillah-ar-rahman-ar-raheem. All praise to Allah, my Creator, my Sustainer, my Best Friend, my Forgiver, my Savior who has allowed this servant of His to write this book.
This book is written for Muslims who have woken up to the need for Islam, not as a passive force, but an active force that can transform society and deal with the present extreme circumstances of our peoples. It is written for those who seek to understand where we stand in history and how to make a workable and attainable plan to solve the problems that we face today.

This book is not targeted at non-Muslims, "progressive"-style Muslims, or extremists and those who condone violence against innocents. Nor is this book a public relations or propaganda effort intended to showcase Islam before the world. It does not represent an inter-religious dialogue or an inter-civilizational one.

The thoughts and ideas expressed here are intended solely for our planning and analysis in dealing with the difficult and extreme circumstances that we face today.

This book is built on the intellectual foundations of such thinkers as Allama Iqbal, Muhammad Asad, Alija Izetbegovic and Malek Bennabi and represents a synthesis of thought: my gratitude and acknowledgement to them. To the raw materials of history and general wisdom of Ibn Khaldun is also due a deep acknowledgement. I also want to acknowledge the help of Brother Joshim Uddin in writing the section on hijra and Sister Magda Jama for her incomparable help with the chapter on education.

This book is written not as a justification but a guide to how to build A New Medina insh’Allah today. I have no interest in pleading with the decadent intellects of our times. Rather, I see hope in those whose hearts can still see:

Have they not travelled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear? For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind. (22:46)

As such, many unconvinced stalwarts of punditry will find this book of little relevance. The attempt in this book is to rather answer such questions as “What is wrong with us?” and “How do we fix this problem?” “How can we rebuild our civilization?” “How can we return to Medina?” “How do we deal with the rising non-Muslim world?” “How do we effectively compete against the West & China while being genuine to Islam?”

Some critical axiomatic assumptions this book makes include:
1.      Islam is a complete way of life.
2.      The Quran is relevant for all ages and not just a specific period in history.
3.      The West is an enemy to our civilization but we are internally equally at fault for our circumstances.
4.      That Islam is under threat and this threat is a very serious one.
5.      That the traditional ulema are not capable of responding to this threat.
6.      That an Islamic state can be a critical tool to meet this threat.
A list of “Central Principles” is also given at the end of the book the elucidate or add to some of these axioms.

I have held from the beginning that I do not have the scholarship or wisdom to write this book. I have written it nevertheless as no one else appears to be stepping up to the plate. Within these pages I have placed the best that I know on how to deal with the extreme circumstances of the Ummah today. Yet this book can be better written and more worthy ideas included or better ideas replace those that I have come up with. I invite my brother Muslims to stop complaining about their problems and making grand statements and join me in finding an efficient and genuine solution to our problems, derived from the Quran and Sunnah. Blustering on and on about how Islam is a solution to all problems and not showing any relevance by example and implementation is hypocrisy. I urge my brothers and sisters to join me in showing that relevance and implementation of this miracle of miracles we call Islam.
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