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Imran Hosein's Advice to Pakistan

Quick and rough text from the video:

There strategy for denuclearizing Pakistan appeared to me 10 years ago .. to try to destabilize Pakistan to denuclearize Pakistan and use this to save the world from … allowing nuclear weapons to get in the hands of Pakistan … to save the world.

And also to break up Pakistan into bits and pieces.

When that happens, we must have a Zionist friend to control all the pieces. And it is time for Muslims in all the world to recognize, including in Iran, to recognize that Israel’s most strategic partner in the world after the US is India with Saudi Arabia neck and neck after India.

And so, not only must India be involved in the attack but also when it takes place and if it succeeds, it is India that must control the region on India’s behalf. A successful attack on Pakistan and denuclearization and breakup will impact Muslims in the whole of the Subcontinent in such a way as to bring about a state of demoralization and despair and send shock waves to Muslims in the rest of the world. That one of the largest group of Muslims in the world have now come under the foot of India. So India will rule the entire South Asia, with NATO in control in Afghanistan. 

What should Pakistan do in this late hour? Perhaps it is too late to do anything this late because those who control Pakistan politically and those who control the Pakistan armed forces have distinguished themselves with the stupidity… and I am sorry to use this harsh language against them… this monstrous stupidity these last 10 years since 9/11, in supporting the war on terror which is a euphemism for a war on Islam. Supporting NATO in its war on your innocent Muslim brothers in Afghanistan.  And you supporting NATO, killing innocent people? But more than that, handing over the territory of Pakistan to the Zionists, have you no shame that this is what you did for 10 years, that all NATO supplies went through Pakistan to Afghanistan. 

And it took you 10 years to stop it? Only when NATO killed 23 Pakistani soldiers and the didn’t do it by accident. They launched an attack on the post to send a message that that is it, the friendship is over, we are coming to attack you now. So only when that happened now you are going to stop them from transiting the territory of Paksitan with supplies for NATO troops. How could you be so stupid to hand over three military bases in Pakistan so drones could go and from above kill innocent people. 

And now, when the knife is about to cut your throat, only now you are waking up? When the attack on Pakistan takes place, I think they already know what will happen. So all these Pakistani Zionists – I call them Zionists – probably already have their suitcases packed like they did in Siagon, and they will all be flying to Miami, and to Los Angeles and to New York, to spend the rest of their miserable lives, these traitors. But I am not talking about them tonight, I am talking about the Pakistani people, as poor as they may be, in their poverty they still love Islam and they hate the government of the US which has been committing aggression and oppression with deception after deception. Feelings in Pakistan have reached fever pitch. My advice to them, if it is not too late, I don’t know, what can you do? 

My answer is, if you are to win Allah’s help, you got to put your house in order. You have to abandon those who are fighting over sectarian issues, stay away from them, get away from these people. Deobandi versus Brailvi, this sect against that sect. Treat these people as though they are a people who have to be cast aside. Don’t keep their company. And try to bring again, once again, the fraternity of Islam, that these are all brothers and sisters in Islam, one people. Identify yourself as Muslim.

I am the student of Maulana Dr Fazlur Rahman Ansari, he established the Aleemiah Institute in Karachi. And because of what he taught me, and the methodology of study he gave me, I am able to do the work I am doing now. So you may want to go to his grave in North Nazimabad and offer dua – this is halal, this is permissible – and offer dua that Allah might forgive his sins, grant him noor in his grave and grant him jannah. Maulana Fazlur Rahman Ansari never joined in this sectarian warfare in Pakistan. Never. And he established the institute as non-sectarian. He was not Deobandi, and the institute was not Deobandi, he was not Brailvi and the institute was not Brailvi. Let me repeat that. To those who are now controlling the institute, where I studied, and where I was once the principal. He established the institute as neither Deobandi, Brailvi, Ahle-Hadith nor Wahabi; it was Muslim. And he said that I am not neither Deobandi, Brailvi, Ahle-Hadith nor Wahabi, I am Muslim. That’s his statement.

And that is his statement. And that is the way for Pakistan today. To get out of this cancer of sectarian warfare. Number 2: Allah made riba haram. Pakistan is miserably poor today because of riba. The paper that you are using today in Pakistan, the Rupee, is bogus, it is utterly haram and a vehicle for riba. The ulema in Pakistan have not been able to recognize that all these years. Go look for the scholars of Islam in Pakistan who can recognize that paper to be bogus and fraudulent and haram. Who can recognize so-called Islamic banking to be delivering riba through the back door. Who can recognize that membership to the United Nations organization and the submission to the charter of the UN is a recipe to slavery. Who can recognize that membership to the IMF, which prohibits the use of gold as money is a recipe for slavery. And also for the people of Pakistan, get out of the cities, go to the countryside and seek to produce your own food to sustain yourselves, in a tomorrow that is coming that is going to be horrible. 

The question is, how do I view the response of the Pakistan armed forces when the curtain is about to be drawn. And NATO has already sent, by Federal Express that we are coming for you now and now the Pakistan armed forces, because now it is too late to do anything else, okay we will not allow NATO to transit Pakistan, and we will take back this base that we gave you so that you could kill the people in Afghanistan, and you have 15 days to vacate the base. No, I am not impressed; I think a lot of these generals have tickets to Miami, because they know they are going to be lynched. I hope they are listening to me, because the Pakistani people love Islam and the Pakistani people are very, very,  angry with those who have betrayed them, and betrayed Pakistan and betrayed the Ummah. Flying First Class to Washington, any time Washington calls them for consultation. 

So I am not impressed at all. A people who betrayed Allah and his Messenger, and now at the last moment, now you are trying to save face. But the overwhelming  majority of the soldiers in the Pakistan armed forces love Islam and they are going to fight as faithful and courageous Muslims. That I have no doubt about. It is the command that stinks. It is the command the political and military command that I call Zionists. And they are on their way out as soon as America attacks. They are going to fly to Miami. And leave Pakistan to the true Pakistanis. So I am not impressed. 

The Muslims in India of course are going to be in a worse situation once Pakistan is attacked. The Muslims in Bangladesh will be in a worse situation because they are going to be demoralized. And it is a function of Islamic scholars to give guidance and leadership. And the scholars of Islam are fighting over popcorn. Fighting with each other over popcorn. And attacking me because I declare myself to be a Muslim. Who? He is only a Muslim? He is neither a fish nor fowl? Who is he? He has no akeeda? That’s why they now attack on me. O well, let them continue their attacks.
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