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Things Rapidly Moving in Pakistan & The Rise of a General

Meinhaj Hussain,

Two days ago, Pakistan shut down all support facilities to the US-manned Shamsi airbase. Although given 15 days, when certain US officials reportedly refused to leave Shamsi, the Pakistani's moved in and are in the process of throwing them out by force. Officers involved are from the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army and the FIA (Pakistan's FBI). Rumor has it that some Black Water employees where found there including some whose visa's have expired. These gentlemen were arrested and will be processed appropriately according to government protocol.

The US government, at one point refusing to leave the base, now are attempting to save face and say that they are voluntarily leaving and that this will not impact their operations. In fact, Shamsi is the US government's most important drone base both in South Asia and the Middle East. Drones from this base were involved in attacks ranging from Afghanistan / Pakistan to Yemen. This will significantly reduce the sortie rates of drone strikes in the region. In turn, this can only help the Taliban, insh'Allah.

Another aspect the US is downplaying is the loss of the supply routes through Pakistan. Suffice it to say that US soldiers will not have a very merry "Christmas" this year and may just have to be content with wearing their socks. It has been learned that the US only has 3 months supply in reserve. By the time the typical Taliban Spring Offensive comes, NATO will find itself short on arms, trying to defend itself and far from being able go on the offensive. Northern supply routes may appear safe now, but NATO has to rely on the good will of Russia. We will let you judge the strategic soundness of that. The Pakistani military believes that NATO can literally be starved to death, and this information, from good sources, can be traced to the GHQ (Pakistan's Pentagon equivalent and military leadership).

Meanwhile, the PAF (Pakistan Air Force) is on high alert and there has been an incident with a unmanned drone possibly being shot down or chased away by them (unconfirmed, rumor). What can be said in connection with this is that all flights to Multan were mysteriously cancelled and inbound flights were re-routed to other destinations.

The Pakistanis, moments ago distraught, are suddenly united and appear undaunted by any threats. They are being led by a man who has the mental capacity to be one of the greatest general in recent history. This writer has noted as far back as December 2007 at the genius that General Kayani possesses. People despaired when he allowed the TTP to get within a hundred kms of Islamabad. But there was in fact a genius to why he allowed that, and why he pursued peace talks to the hilt. When he turned the tides, nothing could stop the Pakistan Army from winning a conclusive victory. In the movie Gladiator, Falco makes the following observation:

"I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and yet it will lie quite still. And then its enemies will take little bites of it, and yet it remains still."
 A similar strategy was followed by Khalid bin Walid, the famous Muslim General that won Islam an empire, defeating the two superpowers of the time out of nowhere. In the Battle of Yarmouk, the D-Day of that age, and the final battle between the Byzantines and the Muslims, the Muslims stood their ground defensively for 5 days without showing any attempts to overwhelm the enemy. Each of those days, it seemed the Muslims were losing and barely managing to hold their own ground. On the 6th day, the Muslims attacked, completely routing the enemy by sunset. 

General Kayani has shown time and time again the ability to hold his nerves and come through with a brilliant and strategic victory. His mental capacities would have him qualify as a fine chess player, should he take to such a hobby and would rival him with Karpov and Kasparov. Kasparov was in fact, famous for reviving the gambit, a practice generally discarded by grand masters before him. A gambit is a chess opening where player sacrifices material, often a pawn, hoping to achieving a resulting advantageous position. 

The soundness of this tactic at the highest levels of chess was questioned until Kasparov showed it could still be utilized effectively. (Incidentally on a side-track Kasparov himself warned about the Zionists and the US government). General Kayani has shown that same tactic can be utilized effectively in modern military conditions; Pakistan is today perfectly poised to deal with the United States and NATO and any other enemies that come along. Kayani has managed to unite not only the Pakistan Army but also the Pakistani people into one single, highly motivated and stoic force that is bristling with rage but has the brains to keep thinking. 

Pakistan is not your typical Third World army, they are a force to recon with. Pakistan today manufactures everything from its own fighter aircraft, tanks, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, artillery pieces among a very long list of other items. The JF-17 fighter for instance, is an able adversary of USAF F-16s, F-15s and F/A-18s. An Al-Khalid tank is more than capable of fighting toe-to-toe against any contemporary adversary. Meanwhile, the US and NATO not only face dwindling supplies but are severely limited in terms of the number of air bases available to them. Many of these air bases are not hardened and aircraft lie in the open. Pakistan is fully capable of taking out these air bases with her cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and her air force. While this is not likely to take place and a less high-stakes proxy battle will likely ensue, NATO would be well aware of the vulnerability it faces against a competent enemy, as opposed to Iraq or Libya.

Sheik Hosein correctly predicted the Arab Spring as far back as 2004

If Sheikh Imran Hosein is right and WWIII is not far off, Pakistan would not only be flying her standard but the standard of the Muslim Ummah, being the strongest Muslim state. It would then become obligatory for Muslims worldwide to defend Pakistan, making General Kayani effectively the Khalid bin Walid of our era. In light of that, this author and all the men that follow him duly swear allegiance to him and to Pakistan and remain a plane ride away should our services be needed.

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