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The Way to Peace Rich Siegel

Meinhaj Hussain,

Rich Siegel is a very dear friend who, despite his Jewish background has stood up for Palestine at great personal cost to him and his family. Rich was originally Pro-Israel until he decided to learn about what the other side is saying, rather than the propaganda handed to him. He was well-regarded in his community but, as he turned to speaking out about the crimes against humanity, the ethnic cleansing, the Zionist terrorism of Muslims, he has been targeted in every way possible. This has included an attack on everything from his person, his income (Rich makes a living as a Jazz pianist and musician) and even direct harassment of himself and his family. Recently a Rabbi came outside his house and started shouting obscenities, terrorizing his household including his 6 year old daughter. This is just one example of many in the ways Rich pays for standing up for what is just and right. 

Rich's new album epitomizes his struggle and The Way to Peace features the famous saxophonist/author/activist Gilad Atzmon, along with celist Eugene Moye, guitarist Gary Ciuci, bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Anthony Pinciotti. The album covers his own compositions as well as covers of New York-based composer Kirk Nurock and the Lebanese composer Ahmad Kaabour. Rich in this album sings in English, Spanish, Hebrew and even Arabic, although he candidly admits that the last comes with a strong accent. 

The cover of his album is done by his 6 year old daughter Emily Gu Siegel. Looks like the little Siegel is on her way to becoming a pro : )

While I personally do not listen to music due to spiritual reasons, I'm more than happy to recommend Rich's album to those who do and may sample at least a few songs from his album. You can order your copy at the Palestine Online Store web-site. The cd will be available here as a pre-release for the holidays and other usual outlets will perhaps receive it a little later.  

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