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NATO Warplanes Terrorize Pakistan

Meinhaj Hussain,

NATO warplanes have been aggressively patrolling very close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, causing panic and terror among the populace. This latest move indicates that NATO is continuing on a deliberate policy to escalate tensions after the humiliating attacks on the Pakistani check post, which GrandeStrategy has learned, included Pakistani commanders pleading with NATO to end the attack while the attack continued for 2 hours. 28 Pakistani soldiers died in the attack and numerous others were injured in an attack 2 km inside Pakistani territory and on a Pakistani base that was clearly marked out and coordinates given to NATO.

Musharraf, now resides in a multi-million dollar mansion in the UK
The younger officers in the Pakistan Army are on the verge of open revolt. The upper management of the Army remains undaunted however, continuing on its path of being America's lackey to the West. This situation arose originally during General Musharraf's reign when he instituted a policy of not promoting individuals who show signs of practicing Islam and promoting the most "liberal" and "loyal" yes-men. The Pakistan Army however, has a long history of obeying White Western masters, having evolved out of the British Indian Army.

Slave mentality. Ibn Khaldun notes it takes a minimum of 40 years to cure. 
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Meanwhile, even the Pakistan Army officers are wondering where the Pakistan Air Force was during the 2 hour long attacks on a military check post inside Pakistani territory, while the Pakistani commanders were busy begging NATO / US to stop violating them. Some have suggested that they were busy admiring F-16s, which they worship. No words or explanations have emerged from the PAF, who otherwise like to spend national treasure exercising with Western air arms. The PAF like to argue that resources should be spent on the air force rather than SAM defenses, but are nowhere to be seen when the chips are down.

Image courtesy of the US embassy in Islamabad! Smile boys.
The reaction thus far has been highly inadequate, involving a repeat of the same drama - block the supply routes "permanently", which in traitor jargon means for 10 days or a few more and close Shamsi air base. What? Do they take the people for fools? The people were never informed this base was given in the first place. They were also later told during the last crisis that the Americans were removed. Such statements do nothing but destroy credibility. At a time when the blood of the jawan and up to the rank of Major in the Pakistan Army is boiling with rage, such drama is suicidal on the part of the upper management.

If the senior management had any understanding of the near-mutiny within the ranks, they would need to realize that once such a precedent is set, there is no going back, and mutinies will follow one after the other, destroying the single functioning institution of the country. Meanwhile it is unknown how many military officers are going to end up joining the Taliban or simply handing them weapons. If the leadership had any honor left in them, they would step down. Given that they have no honor, they should still consider stepping down to save the institution that has fed and clothed them, and their children, for decades.

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