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UK Zionists Terroizing Mavi Marmara Survivor

Meinhaj Hussain,

Zionists in the UK are targeting and harassing supporters of Palestine including one survivor of the Mavi Marmara massacre. Sister Laura Stewart, a fearless activist who does not shy away from wearing the niqab has been receiving thinly veiled attacks including being stalked by Zionists and receiving sinisterly worded anonymous emails.

Sister Laura is associated with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) which has been a highly successful UK-based organization fighting Islamophobia and supporting the Palestinian cause. Her wearing the niqab has been used to also attack the PSC. Sister Laura notes:

Today my personal choice of clothing was used in a "thinly veiled" attack on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. This is the second time this week I witnessed the P.S.C. come under attack the other time was a question as to who funds them raised by Jonathan Hoffman at a meeting hosted by M.E.M.O. at the House of Commons, about The Cold War on British Muslims. Who actually funds the "cold war" on British Muslims was part of the presentation of a report by The Cordoba Foundation. You may well ask what my niqab has to do with the P.S.C. Well after the attack on the Mavi Marmara the P.S.C. hosted an event where some of us who had been on board were able to speak of our experiences, the event was open to anyone who wanted to come and listen to eye witness accounts not just P.S.C. members. [And she had thus been a participant]
She also notes that groups ranging from the EDL - a near-terrorist racial supremacist outfit, to supposedly anti-Zionists such as Tony Greenstein have taken up a campaign of fear and loathing of the niqab.

Sister Laura also responded to the Zionist harassment by quoting a verse from the Quran which is refering to the Jews:
"Say to (them): "If the home of the Hereafter with Allâh is indeed for you especially and not for others, of mankind, then long for death if you are truthful." (Al-Baqarah 2:94)

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