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Haqqani Network: Myth & Reality

Meinhaj Hussain,

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. The Western media and the US government have begun to orchestrate strange information regarding Jalaluddin Haqqani and his network. I happen to have lived in Pakistan for over 13 years, where I took much interest in the Taliban and am well-versed with this group to perhaps shed some light. Firstly, the Haqqani network is not a part of ISI by a long shot. I do not know who came up with this disingenuous idea. The fellow should obviously be fired for gross incompetence [see Footnote 1].

Jalaluddin Haqqani is a warlord and mujahideen of Afghanistan and with strong tribal support. He is the former Minister for Tribal Affairs and Border Regions [See Footnote 2] under the Taliban. He has the distinction of being the only warlord to be allowed into the Taliban, a testament to his importance, honesty, sincerity and great moral character. He has been at times the military commander of the Taliban, being perhaps their most important military leader. To imagine him to be a lackey of the ISI would be a very silly and stupid thing indeed. 

Even funnier is to imagine the Haqqani group to in any way be an extension of the ISI. The Haqqani group is built upon tribal identity. They are not some hoodlums running on a salaried organization. It is human nature to imagine the world as one is himself, thus it is easy for Americans to think of monolithic organization structures a la the Pentagon, CIA, CENTCOM, etc. This is not how things work in a tribal setting. It is about association, heritage, blood relationships, elders, religious leaders. All praise to Allah that the enemies of Islam forgot to read Sociology properly. I have found this a distinct issue with American universities in particular, the Europeans are a lot more educated in this sense.

There are reports and annecdotes of supposedly intercepted conversations between attackers and Haqqani bosses. A cursory look at the modus operandi of the Taliban (and the Haqqani network which is a part of it) would clear them of such delusions. This are not James Bonds going on missions. Leaders do not call during a mission for a chat. All this is propaganda and silly nonsense.

The Afghan Taliban have three essential leaders at this point, all in close cooperation with each other: 

1. Mullah Umar
2. Jalaluddin Haqqani
3. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

May Allah bless these blessed and courageous men, I pray for their success and good health. Of these, Mullah Umar and Jalaluddin Haqqani are part of the Taliban while Hekmatyar represents the Hezb-e-Islami. If the Taliban is compared to the US Army, Haqqani's portion of it presently represents the Marines. They are centered in Kunar and surrounding areas including Ghazni, Paktia and Paktika, although they have expanded greatly because of the weakness with the Afghan government and the inability of the occupation forces to hold territory.

All three of these men are worth far more than their weight in gold to the Muslim Ummah. The character of both Mullah Umar and Jalaluddin Haqqani are untainted and are of the quality of the sahaba, and Allah-o-Alim (God knows best). It is reported that the Americans tried their level best to get Haqqani on their side with whatever government position and wealth they could offer. They failed and as a consequence they had him for a while as the number three most important fugitive to be hunted (after Mullah Umar and Ibn Laden). The third of the three earlier mentioned was an added and unexpected bonus for the Muslim side - Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was a bitter enemy of the Taliban and was offered much by the United States. True however to the Islamic cause, Hekmatyar chose to fight for Islam than become a hypocrite and puppet. And may Allah bless him for he has added much versatility and strength to the Afghan cause; it is because of Hezb that large swathes of non-Pasthun areas are now fighting the occupation forces. This has significantly increased the amount of troops and territory that needs to be guarded by the traitors and occupation forces. 

The Game Plan Ahead

We have a tendency to see others as we perceive ourselves. We are reacting to the American accusations as if this is a single and isolated event. This is not so, the Americans carefully plan their foreign policy. It is not about Mike Mullen or some other such character. Mike Mullen was merely playing the good cop in the usual good-cop-bad-cop scenario. We must understand that this is all part of a long-term strategy. My best guess at that strategy is that they are attempting to take the war to Pakistan, to remove the only nuclear armed Muslim state, to destroy the Muslim country with the most extensive military-industrial complex. This is a long-term requirement for Israel to allow her to build Greater Israel and to keep Muslims subjugated and their oil sold for worthless paper currency. 

Basically, they are trying to do to us what they did with the Red Indians. 

I want to warn our Pakistani brothers, the end game is coming within this present war. They are going to get aggressive at this point, as all good chess players do in the end game; the nature of end games are such that the more aggressive player wins. This is where your slow and steady strategy will not work. The US and her allies are like vipers, you cannot wait for them to bite you. Once they have made a full-scale assault, it will be too late and will not even give China enough time to intervene. 

Your best shot lies in being militarily aggressive. Close the supply lines. If you fear an attack, attack first. Remember, all US bases are built similar to Crusader fire bases from the time of Salahuddin. They are highly concentrated and within the range of your cruise and ballistic missiles. Military dispersal is not easy with the Taliban hemming them in. These large, concentrated bases are sitting ducks for strategic precision weapons. Use this to your advantage. 

If they choose to disperse in the countryside, the Taliban could not have asked for a better present. 

Remember that the Americans are not fools. They understand all this and have placed enough traitors in the Pakistani government to ensure that they get advanced warning before anything can happen and so that nothing can happen in the first place. In the event of anticipated hostilities, remove the clowns and put some decent people in government. Be particularly careful of the wily Pakistani ambassador to the US. He is not on our side but on theirs. So is the President of the country.

PS: To my usual readers: Apparently my writing style has changed after spending the last month reading Ibn Khaldun.


1. But of course, this is not a mere mistake but a well-orchestrated plan to dismember Pakistan and de-nuke her, the central reason why the Americans are here in the first place.

2. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Border Regions is not a meaningless ministry as one would assume. In Afghanistan under the Taliban it was one of the most important ministries given the tribal nature of the area and because of the importance of the border regions.
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