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Zionist Infiltration of Trade Not Aid

Meinhaj Hussain,

The Quran states truth stands out clearly from error (2:256) and this has been the case with the recent attempt to hijack and defame Ken O'Keefe. The Zionist infiltrator Catherine Myles and others who have sabotaged Ken O' Keefe and the Trade Not Aid campaign now stand exposed. Below I have attempted to work on putting up links to the relevant posts by three of the key people during this crisis.

Related posts and information from Ken O' Keefe, Anna O'Leary and Lisa Atwill by poster and in reverse chronological order. Note, these are all Facebook links.

Posts by Ken O' Keefe:

Slander vs. Sanity
Offensive Christian Zionist Islamophobe Video Issue
Slander of the Day Award
Notice of Libel to Saeb Shaath
Slander of the Day Debbie Withrow
Notice to Catherine Myles to return truck
Notice to return mini bus
Response to Farcical Hijack Committee
Hijack and Slander
TNA Under Saeb Shaath and Catherine Myles
Catherine Myles and Endangerment of Women
Endangerment of women
Public Notice of Hijack

Posts by Lisa Atwill:

Catherine Myles' third FB account
Notice to Catherine Myles aka Soraya Fitzgerald
How liars hijacked TNA
Catherine Myles still using fake account to threaten
Trade Not Aid meeting minutes

Posts by Anna O'Leary:

What should happen to people who lie and slander to hurt Gaza's children
Blackmailer Catherine Myles makes personal attacks on Anna O'Leary
Catherine Myles threatened Anna and tried to hack her account
Delay tactics
How delay hurts Gaza
Israeli infiltrators
Threat received from Catherine Myles
Saeb Shaath traitor to his own people

Vision Without Glasses


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