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The Sulu People & British Muslims

Meinhaj Hussain,

Philippines was once a proud Muslim Sultanate. When the Spanish arrived, they took it upon themselves to convert the population, mainly using violence. Today, the South is still Muslim and amongst them the Sulu are the most vocal in seeking to revive their independence. By international law and treaty, they are in fact a separate entity from the Philippines but their political rights were usurped one of the reasons of which has been negligence. British Muslims must not make the same mistake and allow their own created political vacuum to be occupied by others.

Otherwise, it may be that - like the Sulu today - they will find that the government doesn't allow food to go into areas that it feels could be used by rebel militants, such as vast swaths of Sulu countryside. They may find that rioting mobs in areas where Muslims are in the minority ethnically cleanse them out of the area, leaving their homes burning and their livelihoods looted. They may find that their names make them unemployable in white collar jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of Sulu citizens are living now as refugees in the Malaysian province of Sabah. Thousands of them have been inhumanely whipped for living their illegally, but they have no place to go. Imagine a hypothetical equivalent if you were expelled from Britain and had to go back to Karachi, Pakistan and get mauled by rival ethnic gangs there.

The present London riots are an ominous sign of a much more violent and bleak Britain. Ask yourself, what happens when these same youths are organized in a Nazi-like manner and begin to target Muslims? What would it take British Muslims to start caring about their social and political position?

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