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Israel hires people to sabotage convoys: Jo Ann, Catherins Myles and Seab Shaath are the latest

by Anna O'Leary on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 1:16am
CATHERINE MYLES AND SAEB SHAATH ....My personal opinion.
I honestly think they are agents for the zionists. The sabotage on the last Flotilla (in Greece and Turkey in July) was on the propellers of the ships etc. The sabotage on this convoy started with JAWS(Wescott) warming it up by saying Ke...n steals money (all lies) and then along comes Catherine Myles when Ken is away in Gaza and offers to do things in England for him that he can't manage easily from Gaza. Ken is trusting (too trusting) and she worked her way into a personal assistant position and then had access to the bank accounts and did the accounting and then ........SHE REGISTERED THE VEHICLES TO HERSELF FRAUDULENTLY....and then AFTER KEN HAD MADE THE ROAD TRIPS and collected all the donations for the Samouini project CATE MYLES CALLED THE POLICE and said KEN IS STEALING MY TRUCKS. ARREST HIM. She told me she's a barrister....but non practising. I was shocked that a barrister would post asking all of us to give her fifty pence each so she could pay her fare to Gaza. Meanwhile she had registered the vehicles to herself. She and Saeb Shaath took possession and put them ''in storage''. I have been quoted in Salem when I voiced my disgust that Saeb Shaath, a Palestinian with a doctorate in computing in Belfast, would wound Palestine by STOPPING THE CONVOY. We all know that Israel pays to work for its treachery. Myles is no class, but Saeb Shaath will go down in the history of Palestine as a TRAITOR TO THE STATE OF PALESTINE.


Michéle Garrett
I was blessed last year to meet Ken at a fundraiser held in Belfast for the James Connolly Surgical Unit at Al Awda Hospital in Gaza. I first encountered him at a function a week before hand in Belfast when he spoke about his experience onboard the MV Mavi Marmara. From that first meeting I have never had to call into question the a...uthenticity of this man & have only ever been inspired by his endeavour & selfless fight to awaken the world to the ongoing illegal occupation & oppression of the Palestinian people. In the last couple of weeks I have spoken with Ken at great length on various matters & visions which he has shared with me. On Saturday I was contacted by a friend who relayed to me the ludicrious accusations being perpetrated by a cult of morons who are intent on destroying his reputation. See more

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    • Michéle Garrett
      Unfortunately, I too have been on the receiving end of rumour & lies instigated by Dr. Saeb Shaath who infiltrated a group I worked with who had fundraised for Al Awada Hospital & forcibly tried to have our group donate the monies raised to... a convoy which was taking place a month later, he wanted the money to purchase vehicles which would take part & transport medical equipment to Gaza. Myself and other members stood firm & refused him the money as we had already informed those who had donated so generously that the money was being given to Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians & under no circumstances were we going to run the risk of purchasing vehicles which may have been confiscated at any of the crossings into Gaza! When the money was withheld from him he encouraged dangerous rumour & accusation on facebook and elsewhere. Dr Saeb Shaath & his cohorts are nothing less than opportunists who will go to any lengths to destroy the good work that is being done by others who are not interested in elevating themselves onto some platform for their own selfish needs. I will and always have stood by what I believe to be truth & I refuse to be brain-washed by others intend on destroying the good deeds of men such as Ken who in my eyes has made more than enough sacrifices to ensure that we all do the right thing for the right reasons. To end I will say that those who are facilitating this idiotic bullshit need to examine their own conscience's. God forgive you because whilst you distract from what is being done by the enemy of Israel inside of Palestine, then you are nothing less than hyprocrites & would be better off on their side!

Saeb Shaat aka Saeb Shaath You have wounded Palestine as surely as if you were an Israeli IDF HERE.
by Anna O'Leary on Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 19:10

Saeb, why if you are a good human being did you not start a and Catherine Myles could have organised a are both capable operators.  You could have done what others did and joined the Flotilla.  Oh My God man you have done such harm to Palestine...and you a Palestinian.  You have wounded Palestine as surely as if you were an Israeli IDF soldier.  You make me cry for the fact that you stopped a much needed aid convoy. We all know how they desperately need our convoy.
YOU, a Palestinian, have STOPPED THE CONVOY.

Saeb, you blocked me and many others so I have to message you via oither people.....will they please send you this note ...I can't as you BLOCKED me soon after you took posession of the convoy.
You knew the vehicles were to make many trips in and out of Gaza and were not to be left behind as they would carry in raw materials and bring out the finished products.  It was TRADE NOT AID.  We al understood the concept...surely you with a PhD in computing could/did understand why the vehicles were not for the family in Gaza.....they would TRADE.......carry goods in to enable the Palestinians in Gaza to manufacture goods to sell abroad....the vehicles are key.  You have put them in storage.
I wrote a pice, published in 2006, and it tells why TRADE NOT AID would replace some of the destruction caused by the Israelis.  I follow Ken O'Keefe's work purely to assist the people of Gaza.
This is the piece I wrote:

Why Is All This Israeli Cruelty?
By Anna O'Leary
Al-Jazeerah, June 26, 2006
Being Irish I have such a hard time looking at what Israel has done, and continues to do, to Palestine and its neighbours. Coming from a little island that fought the war of independence for 300 years against the British Empire, only to have part of our country still annexed by Britain, I am disgusted to see Israel do the same to Palestine and to their neighbours.
Only Israel is twice as heavy handed and freely kills Palestinian children. More than 4,000 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict with Israel over the past five years. Nearly a quarter of the dead are children. aged 16 or younger. About half those children were shot in the Gaza Strip, the bulk in two refugee camps in the South, at Rafah and Khan Younis.
Israel has bulldozed thousands of Palestinians along the Egyptian border and around the settlements. Nowhere has suffered more at the hands of occupation than Rafah and Khan Younis.
Textile factories in Gaza have thrown 75,000 people out of work because they can no longer get their garments out of Gaza. The unemployment rate in Gaza is 44%. Per ca pita income has dropped 40%in three years. About 70% of the population is defined as living in poverty.
The economy has been destroyed as a result of Israel closing the borders. At KARNI, the main cargo crossing, exports have not been allowed out for months. Karni has the capacity to handle about 700 lorries a day, but now if it's open it only handles 50 lorries a day.
We in Europe should not behave with double standards, calling for democracy and going against the decision of the people.
Twice Israel stolen the land of Sinai and twice they have handed it back. When I visit the Sinai now I look in disgust at the Israeli visitors that come to demoralise the proud Bedouin of the Sinai desert.
These visitors arrive on the beaches like bitches (female dogs) in heat in season looking for sex and anything that is going for free.
Sometimes I wonder why these people are so cruel and inhumane.
Vision Without Glasses


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