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Dr. Omar Zaid - From Evangelical Priest to Islam

Meinhaj Hussain,

Dr. Omar Zaid is a brilliant author who has no qualms about talking about the Illuminati and the external enemies of Islam while at the same time discussing the major problems he finds within the Muslim Ummah. Dr. Zaid is a former Evangelical Christian who found Islam on a Christmas evening when he had no other book in his private library that he had not read other than the Quran. Dr. Zaid is also a retired Emergency Room Physician from Chester, PA. He is now a Senior Research Fellow at an Islamic university in Malaysia and edits a number of scholarly journals.

What I love about Dr. Zaid is that he can think straight about Islam outside the paradigm of the various factions ranging from Sufi to Wahhabi. He is a man who is not afraid of using his brains and is not awed as a new Muslim by bearded know-it-alls, no matter from what faction. A breath of fresh air to read his work; let me quote a few gems:

Ah, there you have it – these sincere “reformers” are Deists and Fascists just like the Papist Freemasons who “handle” them and the British agent who ‘handled’ Sir Ibn Wahhab. [5] & [v, a MUST READ] Anyone who denies that the Whahhabis, and in particular the Saudi’s have consistently aided British-Isrealitist interests, or wrought about the Fall of the Ottoman Khaliphate along with the crypto-Jewish Donmehs, or perpetrated grave crimes against Muslims and held them hostage to backwardness and hypocrisy is either an apologetic moron or coward.
I didn’t require the guidance of a Sufi Sheikh, or an Ikwanaut or Salafite zealot on how to comb the hair of my soul and readjust its metaphysical garments. My penitent submission occurred as a natural course of grace-imbued events that withstood the onslaught of humanist ideals and maladjusted forces of social alienation and persecution! [7] Therefore, I posit that authentic Islam – as opposed to the sectarian auras of the present arc of failed polities READ MORE

He is also not afraid of talking about the all important social and cultural issues and noting that the social program of Islam needs to be revived. Dr. Omar talks about the heedlessness of Muslims, forgetting God and women. These are but some of his posts. You can read more on his website and / or read his books which can be bought here.

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