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Notice to Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana) to return Samouni Project Mini-bus - reg # P420 VRG

by Ken O'Keefe on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 6:04am
Below is a statement made by Sammi Coulthard, aka Saja Rana. Sammi is a member of the hijack crew of the Trade Not Aid mission.  The police have verified what she acknowledges here, that she is the registered keeper of the mini-bus that is supposed to be an asset of the Samouni Project. Here is what she has said;
'KOK directed me to purchase a vehicle, which I did with money raised in the project name. As I was the person purchasing it, I am the person the log book was handed over to and subsequently it is registered to me. I make no claim of ownership. At no point since the day I purchased the vehicle did KOK direct me to register it in any one else's name, not 'Aloha Palestine' or 'Trade not Aid'. He knew the vehicle was registered to me from the date of purchase, beginning April 2011.'

This mini-bus is an asset of the Samouni Project but whereabouts currently unknown and registered to Sammi Coulthard

Understanding the ramifications of this admission, and also having third party witnesses who will verify that the vehicle was indeed purchased by Sammi effectively as an agent but never as owner, I have take a screen shot of her above comment. So from here everything should be very straightforward. Sammi, I did indeed direct you to pay for the vehicle and did not object to you being the keeper at that time, but given all that has happened I do now have a massive problem with you being the keeper and I now direct you to hand over the logbook, and the vehicle. As you state I directed you to purchase the vehicle and I have a statement and bank transfer to you with a third party witness who is ready to testify to the fact that this vehicle is for the Samouni Project. The moment you turn this vehicle over it will be registered in the name of the Samouni Project.

Consider this a civil way of sorting this mess out, if you do not comply, consider this notice that the vehicle will be reported as stolen and I will use your screenshot as evidence to the Police and court should it need to go that far.

One last point, having you admit you are not the owner makes it that much easier for you to hand it over since I am indeed the one that raised the funds and directed you to purchase said vehicle for the company I head. If you refuse to do this I would ask on what grounds do you refuse to do this and by what claim do you hold this property.
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